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    Cheap enough?

    Not bad at all.
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    Undetectable Proxy....discusion

    If you want to setup a private web proxy then I would suggest you password protect the directory otherwise anyone can see it. Call it webmail4you.org or something.
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    Why Ubuntu Is Harder To Use Than Windows...

    Surely thats based on the opinion of the writer?? People grow up with Windows, at school/college/work/etc, therefore have a better understanding, doesn't necessarily mean Ubuntu is harder to use. Does it?
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    Chrome or Opera?

    At Pwn2Own, Chrome was the only browser which could NOT be hacked. Enough said there. You can even add on Sandboxie and you have a very secure browser, with or without addons! FireFox is fast becoming the easiest browser for exploiting. Surprisingly IE hold up pretty good these days.
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    Spam mail.

    The vast majority of spam comes from botnets, not hosting servers. Only the noobs use hosting servers for bulk mail. Botnet are dirt cheap and can send millions of email per day. One of the companies I work for receive around 100,000 spam emails per month. Can you imagine sifting through all...
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    Being racist

    What do you call a racist, xenophobic yank? Nothing. yank will suffice.
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    Starting a Uptime Monitoring Network

    There are a lot of pre-made scripts which you can stick onto a VPS and within a few minutes your away (assuming your advanced in such areas). Its really not hard at all. However, if you are looking to develop your own addon features then you'd need a good understanding of how it all works. Plus...
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    Google going to crap???

    The problem with google it lists too many directory & affiliate websites. When I search for something, say for example ADSL Broadband, I expect a list of ADSL providers not a list of directory sites or affiliate sites linking to ADSL providers. Cuil.com is the up and coming search engine.
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    Funny Accident Video

    Found this video and its a must see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8TcZPqdP85o Enjoy
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    Dell Is Considering Going Private...

    Dell business machines are pretty good, and are priced cheaper than most other suppliers. Their gaming & high performance PCs are crap. As for their technical support, you might as well phone your local takeaway.
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    Yahoo Mail

    Thats a matter of opinion. GMail has a lot of privacy issues.
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    DHCP Does it make a network less secure?

    Perfect target! Let me just point out that hacking a WiFi connection takes less than 3 minutes. So if a car stopped outside your house for 5 minutes and drove away would you think anything of it? Well, in that time, they could have hacked your Wifi and sent death threats to 50 hi-profile...
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    More fool you. Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distro ever made. Millions of people use it everyday without any problems. The fact you don't know how to install, use, or configure it shouldn't put the blame on Ubuntu. Plus, How do you expect anyone to help you when you are describing your...
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    Lots of stuff down?

    I always wondered who is dumb enough to fall for these Rogue antivirus apps? Well, a lot of people, its scary how thick some people really are. I have no sympathy for these idiots.
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    Chrome or Opera?

    For security Chrome is your better browser of choice due to its built in sandbox feature. You should note that addons/plugins are not sandboxed. Hope this helps.
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    Need a Reseller Account

    $7 a monthly is a pretty poor budget to be honest. However, I would recommend you take a look at ResellerZoom. Their $7 a month plan includes 70GB disk space and 70GB of bandwidth for 20 accounts. I think thats the closest you are going to get. Good luck...