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    Dotnamehost hosting from $2 with unlimited domains and more.

    Hello from Dotnamehost we would like to show you what we have to offer: Hosting Plans: Shared Hosting: 2d (2 dollar) Hosting: Price: $2.00/mo, 5.00$/quarterly Space: 200mb B/W: 5000mb Addon...
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    Dotnamehost.com free hosting with alot of space etc!

    Free Hosting: Price:$0.00 Ad supported Space: 150mb B/W: 5000mb Addon Domains: 1 Parked Domains: 1 Email: 3 DataBases: 5 Email Lists: 0 Sub Domains: 5 Request free hosting Click to see required ad code and a example of ad's
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    Needed a server to host my forum in the next few days, any help please??

    My oh my ohm if you don't want some host who oversells way to much and if you actually used that much would kick you for some other reason then I would say you would pay about $50 at least a month. We can offer you a custom plan at http://dotnamehost.com with that much space and transfer if you...
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    Need free web hosting for a soccer/football forum

    How much transfer and space? http://dotnamehost.com might be able to help you I am the owner pm me if you want. Also will you put ads on your site?
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    best free image host?

    Mine or http://freephotopost.com is huge it uses way to much transfer and servers lol. I have a hosting company or I probably couldn't handle it. But I would say it is one of the big ones it is huge so huge it gets thousands plus usaully uploads a day. But anyway it is known as a big one I think...
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    Free hosting with 150mb space 5gigs transfer all the features like cpanel fantasico +

    Welcome we are happy to annouce us at http://dotnamehost.com have changed our free hosting. We used to require signup in our forum etc. Now we allow signup via form again. Anyway our free hosting offers: Free Hosting: Price:$0.00 Ad supported Space: 150mb B/W: 5000mb Addon Domains: 1...
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    Host that will allow me to install PhpBB [not asking much here!]

    I can also host you please see http://dotnamehost.com we offer 150mb space 5gigs transfer all the features with cpanel fantasico etc thanks.
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    Unlimited domain hosting at only $4.99/month. Plus free yahoo advertising.

    No we don't oversell we just offer good plans and don't make alot of profit. So you would say mcdonalds over sells? No they just sell for little profit but when little profit is times thousands then it isn't that little. We offer what we can without overselling. We also will soon invest in 10mbs...
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    Free hosting please?

    Yea paying for at least a year is a good idea. Just incase something happens etc. But yea we can offer you hosting maybe to just pm me. But about the ads that is why you get so less reply's. Host's have to make there money to some how. But yea pm and I will discuss it with you. Also our free...
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    To Webhost Owners (How much profit you make?)

    It gets better in time I would say if you stay on focus. But anyway I make one million a month lol no not really I wish.
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    Free file host list [merged]

    Also you guys forgot http://uploadmore.com it is very stable etc.
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    Unlimited domain hosting at only $4.99/month. Plus free yahoo advertising.

    We have been in bussiness for over 6 months now. We are not going anywhere and our plans are not over sold so no worrys. More info at http://dotnamehost.com Also as stated in the topic signup today and get $55 in advertising free. Hosting Plans...
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    Oh my goodness!

    Yea right I get some many of those daily I had to filter them on spam software. What I once said was that If I had one wish it was that all those emails like the one you got were for real. If so I would be so rich with as many as I have gotten and others say same thing. So yea contact them back...
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    Hosting Needed:300MB/10G Brandwidth

    Hello http://dotnamehost.com sounds like what your looking for. We have these to plans that sound like what want: Basic Hosting: Price: $4.99/mo Space: 1,000mb NOW 2,000mb B/W: 15,000mb NOW 50,000mb Parked Domains: unlimited Addon Domains : unlimited Email: unlimited DataBases...
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    Forum Hosting Requir

    <<Mod Edit: Offers can be a maximium of 25 lines.>> /Bruce
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    Need free hosting for a new nice site idea (Something like MillionDollarHomepage.com)

    I don't think even if you get big is all your loading is pages then you won't use tb's that is 1k gigs I think maybe you will use possible 150gigs a month that is alot just for webpages. But if you would like I would be interested in hearing your idea pm thanks.
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    Christmas sale. Hosting starting from $4/m

    Sale has been extended my change very soon so if you are interested signup before it is gone thanks.
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    best free image host?

    Once again choose one of the biggest image hosts there is and that would be http://freephotopost.com been around for along time and not going anywere and we also have a account signup but it is not required. We also host full size images unlike most that use thumbs. We are know as one of the...
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    Best Free File host?

    There is also http://uploadmore.com it is great.
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    Christmas sale. Hosting starting from $4/m

    Right now we are having a christmas sale at http://dotnamehost.com and we have upgraded our plans for this sales. Also we now have a 3 free months of hosting when you signup for a year of hosting, If you are interested pm me for details. Also we now offer these plans: Shared Hosting...