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    Whats your homepage?

    My homepage is http://www.google.co.uk handy for searching the internet fast.
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    PHP failing to output errors - 5.2.2

    Hello. PHP is failing to show any type of error. Instead, it just shows a blank page. Whether it be a notice, warning etc, it still shows a blank page. Doesnt log it in error_log either. Its PHP version 5.2.2. "display_errors" = On "display_startup_errors" = On "html_errors" = On...
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    Vista is avg

    I have vista ultimate with 1gb of ram and it boots up fast, and basically runs fast. I prefare the layout of it to xp, so i am staying with vista.
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    Selling arcade, ebook shop and php script directory websites

    yes fun-arcade.net is still for sale.
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    Selling arcade, ebook shop and php script directory websites

    about 23 unique visitors this month and a couple of ebooks sold ($3.50 each). I'll sell it you for $35 if you are interested.
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    Selling arcade, ebook shop and php script directory websites

    I am selling 3 websites. They are listed below: Arcade - fun-arcade.net This is an arcade website with 500 games. Little traffic, as i have not promoted it. Starting Bid: $25 Not decided a BIN for this website yet, but you can still make offers. Registered the domain on...
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    need smtp email sending php script

    thanks for the link. I'll try it out.
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    I have had no floods and I live in england. I have seen it on TV and it looks devastating. Its because of global warming if you ask me.
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    need smtp email sending php script

    I tried it but I dont get the email. Please could you possible do the rfc thing for smtp protocol (dont know what it is!) and allow it to use headers as well? thanks
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    need smtp email sending php script

    Hi, I am looking for a script that will connect to smtp and allow me to send an email. I have looked on google a few times but cant find anything that shows me how to connect, send to a smtp server. I am only sending, not receiving emails as well. Thanks. :-)
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    ideas need for my free order hosting script

    Hi, I own free hosting manager, a free hosting order script. We have decided to make the order page in different steps. We need a page for the: * Package Selection * Username * Email * Domain * Terms of Service Agreement (optional to the person using the script if they want the people...
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    Does anyone have vista??

    I am using windows vista and its excellant! i have 1gb ram and a 120gb hd so it runs fast to! I think for features on it are much better than XPs and the design is nice as well.
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    Anyone know any really good IMAGE HOSTING script ?

    http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/Image_Galleries/index.html There are good paid/free image hosting scripts there...
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    Age of Empires series

    I have age of empires III and its cool. I am doing the campaigns. the graphics on AOE3 is much better than AOE2!
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    New Earth-Like Planet Found

    This planet is 2x more gravity than Earth so you will feel 2x heavier. Its 1 1/2 times bigger also. It would take 120 million years to get there at the speed of concord and there is no spaceship that exists to travel that far. Well i think there is/was life on it because in the news they said...
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    Do you have a gun in your house

    no gun, live in England
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    Computer unexpectedly shuts off! help

    When i boot it up, sometimes it says this error: From that can you tell what is causing it?
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    Why MSN?

    Its probably because the program is growing in popularity and the only way for people to contact their friends is via msn. So the more people that signup to it the more popular it becomes, and since its preinstalled with windows, that is what makes it very popular.
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    Computer unexpectedly shuts off! help

    Hi all, My computer keeps on unexpectedly shutting off. Here are my specs in details: ASUS p5vd2-mx/p5v-vm DH motherboard Linksys Wireless-B 2.4GHz router Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.40GHz, 1.00GB of RAM 120GB hard-drive 19" Wide LCD Monitor Lightscribe DVD-Rom Drive Asus 2D/3D...
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    Free IPB 1.3 Multi-Forum Script

    Here is another download link just in case it goes down. http://rapidshare.com/files/26104392/ipb_hosting_script.zip