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    Tips on Web Design

    For many people the programming/coding side of things isn't the issue but rather the design side. Look at other templates in order to get ideas on where to start off. In general, I would focus on a simple yet elegant design - I think a design that's simple yet elegant works well every time! Good...
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    Individual Seller - Shared and Reseller UK Hosting

    Hi everyone, I have a tech blog I run (www.b3ns.com) as well as a few other sites I run (such as http://www.ysomad.com) and as well as that I sell shared and reseller web hosting. My virtual private server is hosted in the UK and all payments are dealt with through my verified PayPal account. I...
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    'Non-Overselling' Free Web Hosting - 200MB Storage, 5GB Bandwidth, No Ads

    Whoever needs 1GB of disk space obviously needs paid web hosting. If you use more than 200MB of disk space, you obviously either, a) have a big website or b) using the web hosting space for storage. I'm not targeting either. For most people, 200MB disk space should be fine. I may agree on the...
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    'Non-Overselling' Free Web Hosting - 200MB Storage, 5GB Bandwidth, No Ads

    Time and again we see web hosts offering monstrous amounts of disk space and bandwidth, for free - and it is evidently overselling. I own 2 blogs (www.b3ns.com and www.ysomad.com) and I also provide free web hosting. You don't need to provide any link-backs or add my own advertisements to...
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    i need 5/6 gb space ,bandwidth 150 gb with Cpanel and i can put a link or google ads

    If you require that amount of disk space and bandwidth then I'm sure you can fund your website via advertisements and pay for hosting yourself.
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    Free cpanel host,

    Does your forum and main site really require 10GB data transfer each month? How much data transfer did it use when you last had your website(s) online?
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    need free hosting wih the folowing feature

    Why do people post their offers openly without first asking what this script is? I'd be wary considering the first post is very brief.
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    Free cPanel Web Hosting - No 'Unlimited' Promises - 100MB disk space/2GB transfer

    Hi, I'm not a web host but I have some free space that I am willing to provide for free in exchange for a link back to my forum (b3ns.com/OSforums) and some contribution to the forum (if you want). I will offer 100MB disk space and 2GB transfer which is good for small websites. If this fits...
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    UK cPanel Shared Hosting - 500MB/5GB £2.50 per month - No 'overselling' unlike some..

    Hi all, I own b3ns.com (my blog) and I have a reseller account because I host some other small websites as well. I have free space on my reseller account so I decided I’ll sell some web hosting space. All payments would be via PayPal and each month I’ll send an invoice via PayPal for the web...
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    webhosting for a WebShop

    Hi, I can provide you with up to 2GB of space and 20GB of bandwidth. I have a variety of packages and they're easily upgradeable if you wish, but I can offer you the following package at $2.25 per month: Option 2: 500MB Disk Space 5GB of Bandwidth Unlimited Features, cPanel Inclusive Price...
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    the best for $10 /year

    I'll give you 300MB space / 3GB bandwidth, the price you're asking is practically unmatchable for a reliable service with the specs you're asking for. I'll provide this for $10.00 per year. But first I want to know what your site is exactly about, etc.
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    Host for clan forum[PHPBB3]? [Quick/Urgent]

    I can do this for you, 200MB/1GB and an upgrade when required for a placement of a Google ad at the top of your forum (anywhere will do at the top). I've added you to MSN as I am willing to provide you hosting for this :).
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    Free 2 Months Hosting - cPanel, Fantastico - You Decide If You Want To Pay After!

    I'm providing hosting for personal Websites specifically on my reseller. I've got some space left for 5-6 customers so I am willing to sell some accounts. All accounts come with cPanel, Fantastico and other features as standard. You can choose whether you want to have cPanel 10 or 11, etc. To...
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    What are you eating?

    Just had fish pie... was ok lol
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    CMD says 'java' doesn't exist

    Not sure if this would fix your problem but when your at the Start menu right-click on Command Prompt and select Run as administrator, a lot of commands including ipconfig /flushdns work this way only.
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    lol. Simple enough ;). You can certainly do this with PHP and it isn't that difficult. You'd use a variety of things including the mkdir() function to create directories for the forums you want to host, then you'd use the copy() function to copy the root forum (let's say your support forum) to...
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    Whats your favorite OS

    Yep. Works fine for me too. Vista is my favourite operating system, it has a good search feature in the Start menu which really is used by me - not sure how I coped with XP now :P.
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    Whats the most light weight browser?

    Maybe. Chrome is really light-weight but on my 256MB desktop computer, if I have YouTube open for example, or pages with lots of text or scrolling, the browser literally freezes. It's fine on my 2GB laptop, however :).
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    find highest id, and add one for the database query

    If you want to find the highest ID you can always ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 1?
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    Retrieve data from sqlServer in php

    You do pretty much the same for connecting to a MySQL database, you'd use the mssql_connect and mssql_select_db functions first of all to connect then you'd do a MSSQL query with this function. PHP really has gone its way to support MSSQL databases, pretty simple stuff :). To retrieve data...