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    Blizzard's new game

    You guys should see this: http://www.veoh.com/videos/v514464CyRKBAP8?searchId=7387774839327351475&rank=2 looks awesome, doesn't it?
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    Free Domain Needed

    Heres a really good: http://afraid.org they have tons of "free domains" to choose from.
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    Xeonspace Looking For Partner & Support Staff

    what kind of server knowledge are you looking for in your support staff?
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    Vps Needed

    You didn't seem to post a budget, unless you do not have one?
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    RAM vs CPU

    I would go with Dual Xeon, as it is much better than the low end Athlon and the processor is much better in performance and reliability. But, it would really depend how many proxies are hosted, and how much resources they take up. So if your not expecting to go really big in proxies (and alot of...
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    All I can say is wait for him to make a post ;)
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    No offense gray-eye, but I was just saying that I was approved because I contacted him and he did say I got the job but i'll still wait for a reply.
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    Well, I actually meant I was approved, but Decker is right lets let the OP decide who will be filling the positions at his final decision.
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    I am one of the accepted people of this job :) so I guess two more left
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    Request for a username change.

    Haha, no problem and I also think its a good idea as we would aid one another (not to mention tease each other lol) by the way I was wondering if you have MSN and if I can have it. So I won't be completely off-topic, again, congrats on your new username and not to mention a new, fresh start :)
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    Request for a username change.

    Hehe congrats on the name change, I agree it will take awhile to get use to :( but I will also call you Dayu rather than the name you have now.
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    Need Host For Clan

    Hello, I think we of http://putspace.com could give you a helping hand. We offer instant activiation, and virtually unlimited hosting! We can get you started by this link: http://putspace.com/register.php. We are getting vast amount of users and hope you will be one of them! Please do read the...
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    proxy host

    Hello, I think we of the people from http://putspace.com can surely help you out. We offer instant activiation, and this is where you can get started: http://putspace.com/register.php our specs are unlimited (virtually unlimited) and of course we do allow proxy content. Also, please read the...
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    Some help removing a trojan from my computer

    The easiest way possible to remove it is restore the partition :) but it seems that it is too costly to do that because of your massive files??
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    VPS required

    Well... currently I think I should start out as a vps :) I never said I had clients so I think this would be the best choice, thanks for the advice anyway, guys.
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    VPS required

    Well, its main purpose is shared, and reseller hosting. But i'm not very certain if i'm going to sell shoutcast or game servers. But I may just use them for my personal purposes.
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    VPS required

    It is for the purpose of hosting, and the choice I most likely want to choose is beforehand. Possibly it isn't the smartest of all, but at least I have bought ram that may be needed in the future. I may have services for example, to host shoutcast and game servers (obviously if the provider allows).
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    VPS required

    Hmm... you guys seem to have interesting offers. However, they did not fit my ram requirements: "1024 megs of dedicated ram" as I have stated. I may raise my budget slightly higher if I must.
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    VPS required

    I had a great offer from the hoster "rocknrabbits" but i wanted to see what else everyone can offer: for a 60 dollar a month budget with at least these key features: (note: remember its a vps) 1. 1024 megs of dedicated ram 2. whm/cpanel (fantastico and other add-ons would help too but not...
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    Need Dedicated Must have Tonight

    no problem, and mod please close the thread if midwesthosting is entirely sure to go with his current hoster.