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  1. J

    Need help in PHP!

    Hi! How can I make colorcoding with PHP? It is for my Biatch! Live NOW! service. thanks in advance.
  2. J

    going away :(

    Hello! I was quiet for long time, because must start to be ready for school, it begins tomorrow, I must graduate and it is very important for me, I will not be here for one year, but by that, please don't let hosting go way under, try to reach the top. I wish you all best luck for anything and I...
  3. J

    Free file host list [merged]

    Thanx for the sites, I was looking for one good, but what of those is most reliable and fasT?
  4. J


    OK, Tree, I just was curious, but if 500Mb 1/4 of your space, is your total harddisk only 2Gb? Or do you have left 2Gb?
  5. J


    Tree NC, are you providing more than 500MB space?
  6. J

    phpBB modification - possible?

    For free, there is one, Karma, search for it in places like: phpbbhacks.com <- absolutely free phpBB things and MODs. No need to buy from robert allen :P @robert_allen: Telling me that in FWS is nothing new in MSN? Trying to sell MODs for a open-source free bulletin board package, tsk tsk...
  7. J

    Zeeblo.com - Free cPanel Hosting

    lol, do you offer PostGRE SQL databases?
  8. J

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    3812 :D BTW, who made the 1000th post in this topic?
  9. J

    vBulletin version outdated...

    You won't believe this at all! http://www.elimagazines.com/forums/ That forum has version 2.0.3!!!!!! EDIT: @Mandrake I fully agree with you! Ipb is now very hard and complex to use! I prefer to use phpBB, it is the best FREE forum package.
  10. J

    Need free hosting

    Have you a host yet? If not, we could host you! Information is in my signature :D
  11. J

    Big Hosting

    I can't host you because, our PHP doesn't support GD and TTF... However, I would like to know where I could get lectured how do I use CRON Jobs, for example eliminate daily messages.
  12. J

    Best mode of payment?

    This is killing me :P HOW MANY ROBERTS ARE HERE? :D :P Just wondering ;)
  13. J

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no ^^see that is spamming, by the way, change your sig, too annoying.
  14. J

    Need Host To Stream Music!

    By the way, no one gives you free SHELL ACCESS aka SSH Window. PLease make your request realistic and someone offers you hosting, but sonce you are such dumbass, no one will host you.
  15. J

    Limited time offer!

    Well, it might be illegal. I must contact Microsoft for this.
  16. J

    Limited time offer!

    what do you mean? EDIT: the server, right? My friend works in Microsoft as beta tester, and as they came out with a working version, he said I could have a copy, ofcourse it costed $$$.
  17. J

    Need Host To Stream Music!

    Also, the site says: no music files!
  18. J

    Need Host To Stream Music!

    SO WHAT?!?!?!? control panel doesn't make any difference 30GB or more bandwith 500GB of space WHY DO YOU WANT MORE SPACE THAN BANDWIDTH!?!?!? PAY AND YOU WILL BE STAISFIED! EDIT: taken from website, this guy wants to store files. so bye bye.
  19. J

    Need Host To Stream Music!

    1Gb space and 30Gb bandwidth??!?!?!?! lower them both VERY much, I was saying that 500Mb is ok, but doubled that is never!! 30 Gb bandwidth?!??!? 5Gb is too much for you! PLEASE REMEMBER YOU ARE REQUESTING FREE HOSTING, PAY IF YOU WANT THAT NUMBERS
  20. J

    Need host that lets me stream Pakistani Music,Videos&Movies with high bandwith!

    have you ever heard of the edit button? but anyways, I don't think someone will host you even for a trial. HOST YOURSELF! Just search for Abyss Webserver X1 in google, install, host yourself in easy and quick steps, get your site in minutes! No one will offer you that for free, pay, or...