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    My first design... Took forever :p

    Well i made my first design, lots of layers all aranged, wondering if any one finds it attractive. Not Going to sell it. Header is not done might have someone due it for me. Also how would i go about coding this into a simple html page? could someone do it for me for a small fee?
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    Unprofessional act by StoneRocket admins

    I love drama, very interesting thread. Totaly disagree with stone rocket, should of handled it alot better, admin that banned should be demoted/temaray suspension. Ceo should apolagize and unban so the pr will not go down. So i guess stonerocket goes agenst what they say they are all about, so...
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    Good deal for dedicated server?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16816152097 it would be a tyan g20 7002 mobo also i need to buy windows server 2008, where can you buy single liscense, i need the one that supports multicpu and at least 16gb of ram, which version of windows server 2008 will i need...
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    Available for Hire

    sent you pm for a price quote.
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    Good deal for dedicated server?

    machine being sent to me first then i will send to colo my self after i get it set up. not getting that server any more looking into fallowing specs Dual e5520 quad core (8 cores total) 16gb of ram 8 x 2gb ecc (must be ddr3 1066, e5520 only supports up to a memory speed of 1066 and 1333...
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    Game Servers

    95% of server companys oversell so thats how they offer them for so cheap. because most ppl do not use there server, when i ran a dedicated server and hosted gameservers, i found that 95% of my customers had there server at 100% capacity less than 10% of the time. then there was ppl that had it...
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    Good deal for dedicated server?

    does any one have any sites to buy / build own server ? cheap with dual quad cores lg771 or lg1366. i was prices it out on newegg for a dedicated and thats the cheapest i could make it. server will not be used for both webhosting and gameservers at one time will be used for either or task not...
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    Good deal for dedicated server?

    i was wondering if thats a good price for a server.
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    Good deal for dedicated server?

    Cpu: 2 xIntel Xeon E5405 Harpertown 2.0GHz LGA 771 Mobo: Tyan Tank g20 b5375 Case: 1u rack with 600 watt powersupply Memory: 8 x Kingston 2GB 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667 ECC Registered Harddrive: 2 x 250gb harddrive Price: $1,600 Will this server be a beast? like will it be able to...
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    Gaming Team in need of webhosting sponso

    Looking for website sponsor , to host our site. Current site we use http://tg.suxorsgaming.com/main/ Who we are: We are a gaming team that has our own gameservers, we play cod4 and CSS, picking up a cs 1.6 team. We have been together for over 6 years, only 3 months under the current name...
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    Want a higher level on WoW?

    i level 25-60 or 70 for 25$ or 35$
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    Hosting in exchange for graphics

    hey, if you can do some gfx work for me i can host you a site, but it is using lxadmin not cpanel.
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    Domain/s www.myventhost.com - www.hostingunleashed.com - www.hosting-royal.com

    Selling 3 domain names www.myventhost.com - 20$ www.hostingunleashed.com - 15$ www.hosting-royal.com - 10$ Each one is registered on its own account at yahoo, will get access to the whole account. which will allow you to xfer them.
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    VPS/Dedicated server Price war

    Jasons, if i bought that offer or a differnt offer can i get this installed on vps for free? » Cpanel / WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk » PHP 4.4.x or PHP 5.x » MySQL 4.x or MySQL 5.x » Curl+SSL » Ioncube loader (included in the script) » OPENSSL » Mod_layout for forced ads
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    VPS/Dedicated server Price war

    if i bought that offer can i get this installed on vps? » Cpanel / WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk » PHP 4.4.x or PHP 5.x » MySQL 4.x or MySQL 5.x » Curl+SSL » Ioncube loader (included in the script) » OPENSSL » Mod_layout for forced ads » Root access for forced ads feature
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    Free TeamSpeak Servers

    Sry already got 2 pm for free servers, if i get any more free ones from a host i will give them up here.
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    domain: WarcraftUnleashed.com

    also selling level 65 orc hunter (almost 66), pvp realm, 1000g, mount, 375 skinning, looking for 30 or 35$, phone verification is recommended.
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    NEW! iPanel 4.0 - Hypervm, LxAdmin, Enom, Quantum, USAePay and more!

    does any 1 know if ipanel4 with lxadmin as control pannel will force ads?
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    Looking for Small free reseller

    well depends on what specs teh reseller is, theres alot of companys that i have used that sell for a competive price. depends on specs, 10gb space, 200gb bw