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    Dedicated server question

    There is a way to check under Linux : cat /proc/user_beancounters ; only exists on OpenVZ/Virtuozzo VPSes; dmesg | grep QEMU ; several virtualization technologies use Qemu; grep Xen /var/log/dmesg ; Xen usually seems to identify itself as the BIOS type; ls -al /boot ; Linux-vServer doesn't seem...
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    thrustvps ?anyone try it?

    I don't have any experience with them. You can go through their customer's review.
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    Advice needed on reseller hosting

    If you don't mind then let me know your requirements in details. So I can assist you properly.
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    Google Chrome Operating System!

    Google Chrome have good speed, Stability, Lightweight and also ease of use but on the other hand there are some features and extension are missing.
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    Need VPS

    I agree with you. If you don't mind then please give your server location requirements, then we can assist you better.
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    Need Free Reseller Hosting

    There is no such thing as free reseller hosting. It is a marketing policy.
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    Looking for XEN VPS

    If you don't mind, could you please give your server location requirements.
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    Where can i sale my domain?

    You can give advertisement for your domain or you can register with the following websites. namepros, flippa, great domains.
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    Dedicated or vps

    If you don't mind, please explain which country do you prefer?
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    How to choose VPS

    You can go through the following article : http://www.bodhost.com/web-hosting/how-to-select-the-proper-vps-hosting/
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    Title: Summer Special Offer on VPS – 25% Discount

    BODHost Ltd. - a leading web server hosting provider in the United States delivering quality service since 1999 now offering Summer Special VPS. You will always be up and running without any interruptions in your services. We currently offer the following VPS hosting packages : Windows VPS...
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    Bodhost Dedicated Fully Managed - 2GB RAM - One Month FREE - $69

    Web Hosting Services from Bodhost Ltd is the perfect solution for hosting your all sized websites. The continual execution of the new products and services make us industry's leading web hosting provider World-Wide. Bodhost Specials this week: Intel Celeron D 3.06Ghz 2 GB RAM 1 x 320...
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    About Managed Hosting

    Managed hosting is when a web hosting provider provides services for their dedicated servers. Managed hosting can be thought of as having the space and independence of a dedicated server, but with the perks and services that are provided to shared-server packages. As businesses continue to grow...
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    Disadvantages of Cloud Computing :

    There are some disadvantages of Cloud Computing. Those are as follows : 1. Extra cost of data transfer. 2. You don't have power over the remote servers, software or security 3. It may be hard (or even impossible) to migrate massive amounts of data from the provider :P
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    Reliable hosting provider

    There are many web host providers in the market but what you have to look very significantly is that: 1) Is that provider offer excellent customer support by phone or support ticket 2) Is that provider offer up time 24*7 3) Is providing free malware protection 4)Is it providing shield...
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    Some Ways To Verify The Web Hosting Company

    1. cost : At first you must read the hosting plans information. Contrast features and cost plans to choose the best one. Search an affordable web hosting company to save technology value. Start with a basic plan initially and upgrade afterward whenever require. 2. Hosting Features : Make...
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    Datacentre Automation

    Hi! There are many data centers which provide your requirement, but make sure before select any data canter you read their reviews. :talk:
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    How URL redirection for a website

    Hi! It depends on your personal preference. whatever you choose, make sure you do all your optimization and online marketing focused on that format. if you direct all your backlinks and articles etc to www.yourdomain.com, but if you have chosen yourdomain.com as your domain, all the...
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    Need suggestions about these hostings

    Hi! I agree with most of everyone here. you have to watch out when you go for cheap web hosting services that also offer 'unlimited space and bandwidth'. Chances are are overselling; also remember that quality comes at a price. Better to check their SLA terms first, the customer services and...
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    Does anyone know what's going on with SimpleCDN?

    Hi! Before selection, you can read those company's positive reviews. But make sure those reviews are original. :talk: