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    Free articles site........review needed

    Web Hosting and Domain Registration Articles in Karachi, Pakistan Kindly review this site for design and content.
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    What do you think?

    I didn't understand what you want 2 say. Explain your point.
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    Ad Sense

    LET GOOGLE DECIDE WHAT HE WANT TO DO WITH YOUR SITE. Just apply for google adsense program, they will let you know whether they are approving or rejecting.
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    Cheaper hosting than ever.

    Host n Domain Linux Advance 50MB to 1GB space, 15 to Unl Emails Free Domain Reg. SubDomains, PHP Webmail, Control Panel, CGI-Perl My SQL, Live Stats, Shopping Cart Windows Advance 50MB to 1GB space, 15 to Unl Emails Free Domain Name, Sub Domains ASP 3.0, Control Panel, ODBC DSN...
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    php if statement help

    if ($forumid == 11) { header("Location: http://www.example.com"); } is OK but if you see some HTML headers ERROR just add this line on start of the page before any code and html. ob_start();
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    How to install website in cpanel?

    I haven't seen such cPanel before. really............!
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    Download Script...

    hello i dont know about any script but why dont you try Persits ASPUpload component. its really robust.
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    Is there a script for this?

    dont go for readymade scripts. if you are a developer you can develope on your own. FFAs are not good for SEO purpose.
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    Uploader in WML pages?

    hi in wml, i dont think so. youhave to use some server side script to produce your wml content like asp or php, to generate wml. Not just simple WML files can work. you can check some advanced book on wml for this.
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    New hosting layout

    the color conbination is damn good. spacially the green color in server images matches with the other green.
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    kindly review the design

    review this http://www.sajjadahmad.com. A Pakistan based web developer !
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    Review my site please

    Sorry I couldn't see the site.
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    Review my site :)

    hi the logo coloue are getting inside of my eyes. the other colour combination is looking somewhat techi.
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    hi, layout is OK but the green text is not matching with the blue links. i think the green colour should be more darker.
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    host-me-free.com - design any good?

    old one hi, i think the old was gold. and the old is. But can you explain the relation between the green jacket and hostin ;) ? bye