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    MB into GB

    The definitions can change from the ones we learned back in school. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kilobyte http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kibibyte So, officially, 10000MB = 10GB.
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    Cheap web hosting

    How do you know it was a single server and not a cluster? Or that 99% of the domains pointing there were not simply parked domains? I sure hope the customer support costs won't turn your business model upside down. :)
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    revenue in reseller's hosting

    I don't know, I would prefer the host to learn how to run a server on its own computer at home, not on the production environment where I have my sites. Bigger VPSs might be OK for reselling purposes, but the entry level ones aren't exactly equipped for performance. Just a personal opinion.
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    revenue in reseller's hosting

    You need to find a market that doesn't buy on price alone, since reseller packages are only so cheap, and venturing in the huge overselling realm is definitely not a thing to do without serious statistical data, that, as a new host, you can't possibly have. That's the tough nut that you have to...
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    netfirms is very very slow........

    Only if you signed up less than 30 days ago: http://www.netfirms.com/popup/topic/30day
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    Affliations, is it worth it?

    It's all going to be relative. However, if you want to it to be a bit hit, you'll have to be noticed by the affiliates community (and especially by the "super affiliates"), so your commissions will have to be in line with what they've come to expect, and that is $50+ commissions. Otherwise, the...
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    How about hostgator

    I don't know... probably something wrong on that server you're on. Uptime is the main thing that impresses me about Hostgator. Did you try monitoring uptime with something like host-tracker.com? Maybe there's something wrong with the connection between your ISP and HG, and the server isn't...
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    Hostdeparment hosting

    There's only so much unlimited bandwidth and space that they can give you for $4. :P I can't be very surprised though. When 1TB of data transfer is sold for under $10, it's no longer that hard to imagine unlimited being sold for $4. :D
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    anyone from JLHOST ??

    Hmm... and you're still so interested in upgrading your reseller package? Granted, it's been the weekend and some hosts' sales departments don't work weekends, but you must admit your post sounds a bit strange. :) BTW, how long has it been since you submitted your ticket?
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    Could you download this test file please?

    Stabled at about 150KB on a 1.5Mbit connection in Romania.
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    Choosing windows or Linux server

    You meant PHP instead of Linux I think. So if I read your statements right, the conclusion would be that you don't have to go Linux if you're using PHP. ;)
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    Maybe contacting the user clanosiris directly (he's owner/part of management) can lead to some type of action? He's relatively active at webhostingtalk.com, so PM him there: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/member.php?u=73429
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    SERVAGE - the worst hosting company ever!!!

    When you place a huge amount of copyrighted files in a hosting account from where the public could potentially access them, the red flags of any host will rise, and many will take some type of action. From http://www.servage.net/show/?menuHeader=4&menuSub=13&page=about_aup
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    SERVAGE - the worst hosting company ever!!!

    The issue here is the right to distribute the work. In the vast majority of cases, buying an mp3 or a CD doesn't give you the right to distribute the file/music.
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    Why foreign hosting price great cheaper than that of china

    Is shared hosting the focus of your search/comparison? If so, you really should take into account the extent of overselling in the US hosting market.
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    "revoluntionary" ??

    Apparently, hosts have only 3 options. They must either revolutionise the industry, lead the industry, or both. :P Heh, all's fair in love, war and marketing... or so I hear. :)
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    How about hostgator

    2 years and 8 months of using shared hosting with Hostgator. They're been really good, and as far as I've seen, they've only been getting better. One of the most impressive things to me is that they grew very fast in the last couple of years, yet they succeeded to do so without noticeable...
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    Good one! :lol:
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    Scam.. Let's hope not, but that's an imprudent business model.
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    Professional Class Hosting

    They're not that expensive if you really think about it. It's roughly what budget hosting was like 2-3 years back. :)