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  1. J

    A lot of these

    Thats a good idea , , interesting 50 PR and 0 back link :P
  2. J

    Time to rebuild my host spread

    I agree , i think you need more , its not much :D
  3. J

    Google Adsense

    I don't approve of add scene i have many problems, i also mail them lets see how they solve it
  4. J

    Review my new design please - FuzMuz!

    I like your site, it responsive and good :D
  5. J

    Need A reseller

    I think search for new one's:D, its a good idea
  6. J

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Point of this is to have lot of post or highest posts :D
  7. J

    Oh yeah... About AVG...

    Avg makes our PC very slow, i never approve to use AVG, try to use Norton
  8. J

    Can I force my core i7 to always use 2.8 GHz?

    Its really slow, i don't like it, i agree unlock it manually
  9. J

    Premium Domain [For Sale]

    I agree it would help if you answer or you are selling yours?
  10. J

    Image ads now allowed

    wonderful idea, i am going to post one Poe, thanks :D
  11. J

    Looking for work, Ticket and Live Support!

    Hey mate $ 25 is not much for week, expenses are more then this, but i will se if i have any offer like this
  12. J

    Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access

    I agree most server allow SMTP, i don't know about your
  13. J

    Need A reseller

    Good options try these or search for good one:D
  14. J

    free whm hosting

    Try the paid one :D
  15. J

    Time to rebuild my host spread

    I am new in this field right now i am avoiding paid hosting, getting benefits from free :D
  16. J


    Same here most of the time i use i frame just to save some time :D not a bad option
  17. J


    Funny stories cats are really cute and innocent, love them :D
  18. J

    Issues with paid hosting upgrades...

    I think we can, if we are their good customer they wont loose us but will give us favor
  19. J

    I'm lazy FWS

    Technology had made our life is but make us lazy, i love to go out and dine:D
  20. J

    What are you listening to?

    I am listening "My heart is open", very sweet and soft song