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  1. J


    Ive just bought a 19" windscreen monitor with ma new pc but ma site is not right on it the banner is ok that centerd but none of the other site is and look a mess can anyoone help me out ??:confused4 http://www.keep-the-faith.net
  2. J

    banner Problems

    Im buliding a website for someone but the banner does not come up right on any pc apart from mine its the full ize on my pc but on others it goes 3/4 of the way along can anyone help me ???? the address is : http://www.blackpoolshamrockcsc.co.uk
  3. J

    price GUIDE

    Im looking to start to offer websites to companies for low prices. it will be not to basic but not with flash will offer php programes set up for extra cost but not to much can anyone give me a price guide like so many £ for so many pages ??????
  4. J

    Mini Sites

    i run my own site and want to offer them mini sites that are hosted on my site is the only other way is to build them then upload them for them to my sever.
  5. J

    Mini Sites

    i run a football fanzine and im looking to find out if there is any programe out there that allows memebrs to create mini sites for ther supporter clubs. Im looking for a prorame that would do what freewebs offer mabye not as much but allong the same lines as it. Thanks John
  6. J

    News Portal

    Im looking for a php programe that i can use to create a internet news portal like this http://www.newsnow.co.uk Can anyone help me out if so ill be thankfull
  7. J


    Im starting a new website offering free Webdesign Stuff with Templates, Programes, Links, Free Web Design and soon Free/ Paid Hosting. If any one has a site they would like on our links page pplease e:mail me @ freewebstuff@hotmail.co.uk With The Following Details. Site Name: Site...
  8. J

    Webhosting ?

    i dont think this is the right place if not can you move it for me please. Im looking to offer freewebhosting to people via a new site im doing it offers peopl web templates, programs, etc... but i also a webdesign service werer i create the website for them but i need hosting to put there...
  9. J


    Yep They Do.
  10. J


    The paid templates are an affiliate programe the rest ive gatherd up together.
  11. J


    please tell me what you think of my site i have just started it and will be putting the rest up later FreeWebStuff
  12. J

    Free Redirect

    Im looking for a free redirect but --------, dot.tk, .be put ads on the site and i dont want that does anyone know were i can get one that does not do that
  13. J

    !! Need Webspace !!

    im looking for Webspace for a new site im starting its provideing free templates, Paid Templates, Programes, and al sorts of info for webdesigners. Im looking for about 100mb Space As much bandwidth as i can get Subdomain No forum posting. I can put a ad on the bottom of some pages but...
  14. J


    Were can i get a free .be domain from ??
  15. J


    Ive just started the site im looking to make it better soon i really want to start my hosting site but short of cash lol.
  16. J


    what do u think would make it better ??
  17. J


    Can you please review my website please MSN-TOOLS thanks
  18. J


    Iam looking a cheap reseller to start of with and i came across 1 that my m8 sent me to they are offering 100Gb web space and 1000gb bandwidth at £15 per month, Is this Gd for the price or could i get better somewere else if so could u let me know the address for the site. Thanks John
  19. J

    Control Pannel

    Hi im currently helping a friend with his website and he wants to make a control pannel on his site to sop non members geting into certin area of the site. can anyone recomend any way he can do this. hes tried phpnuke but cant get the hang of it.
  20. J

    Photoshop Elements and layouts

    layout Wit type of website is the layout for?