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    Need Dedicated Server

    Hahaha... everyone, lets give this guy a 100$ dedicated server just because he asked for it! Here you go!
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    FREE MP3 Hosting

    You copied celeron dude's script and removed the copyright. DONT USE THIS PEOPEL HE STOLE.
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    You could try something with the target take. eg. <a href="blah.html" target=iframething>bla</a> and give the iframe a name of iframething. Im not sure if u can do this just tryin to help.
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    If you wanna offer your reseller

    People just want make money for free. If anyone could get a reseller account for free and make money off of it, everyone would be doing it.
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    I Need A Host And Space Plz

    PLEASE TURN THE CAPS OFF. You will not find 2gb of space from a reliable provider. Anyone that does offer you this (unless its a 1 off deal) will probally be down in 2 months.
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    Free host short domain lots of space stream host game host come!!!!!!

    This has none of what he said. It is not even his hosting service, by the looks of it he is just an affiliate. Dont sign up for this.
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    Looking For A Web Designer

    No, he is making full sites. Althogh he will definatly have to pay more to get what he wants it might still be cheaper than others as he is doin it for 5$ only to get stuff into his portfolio.
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    Looking For A Web Designer

    http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=71110&highlight=web+design is offereing web design for 5$. If you pay a bit more im sure you can get what you need.
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    need help in decompiling an .exe

    When you find a program that does this, tell me, ill buy the rights off the maker for 10,000$, and become a millionare.
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    What is the best web-designing language?

    The differences are just certain extra commands etc. If you just find an online tutorial it should matter. All of them should be for the latest one. I wouldn't worry too much about the different versions. Profesional web-designers as far as i know make the base in a web designing program but...
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    other - limit bandwidth and disk space

    I do not understand your question. Do you mean you run a server and give people webspace, but want to limit it? If so i think whm or something similer does this.
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    Hello, I have an Unrealistic Request, but it's worth a try...

    You say that domains are about 4$ per month. Im not sure where your looking but you can find some for about 8$ per YEAR. Maybe you could ask to borrow your dad's credit card and pay him back?
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    50 gig, 90 gig of bandwith, FREE DOMAIN(.info) 10 left!

    Lets see. 50gbx10=500gb. 120gb server=~100$ p/m. 500/120=~4. 4*100=400. 400*120=48000. So basicly if he gives what he says for 10 years without overselling, he is pretty much giving away 48,000$ for nothing in return.
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    i need host

    5gb is too much for free. Even banner ads will not be able to pay for this. Any hosts which offer to give this to you for free (even with banner ads) will probally not last very long at all. Id reccomnd paid hosting for 5gb of space.
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    Fun 2D game :)

    I have played this game for probally 1 1/2 years. I even had my own clan. I dont play anymore but it is great fun. I used to run my own server as well. I can recomend this game!
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    Anybody used this website?

    Hm do they allow hot linking?
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    I want to become my own hosting company, how?

    There is not something like znn for webhosting. If their was, your visiters would get user.you.them.com. That is pretty long.
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    StoragePalace Free File Storage

    Haha, 1gb uploads? Do you store the files forever or just one day/week? If not i give u 2 weeks. A lot of pages on your site dont even work..
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    About File Sharing

    lol, if you do find a place that lets u store 600mb files (and doesnt delete them after one week) it will be down within 2 weeks.
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    Hostinplace.com :: Free php, mysql, cgi & phpbb hosting!

    May i ask why this is stickied?