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  1. SC-Jon

    A bit of an explanation

    That's what they all say, didn't you just get a raise? ;p
  2. SC-Jon

    whois.com HACKED

    Saw this on WHT. So far whois.com has gone from being "offline" momentarily to the current "404 Error". Was hacked by NetDevilz, same group that hit ICANN and Photobucket in 2008'.
  3. SC-Jon

    WTB New Phone. Kthnx.

    I stand by what I said, I've never experienced it for myself while on the Verizon Network, and I've had my blackberry for almost two years now.
  4. SC-Jon

    And this is why we manually review accounts

    We've gotten quite a few of these lately, but you know, I love the address, leads strate to the GSA Central Office. :P
  5. SC-Jon

    WTB New Phone. Kthnx.

    I've never noticed any issue with blackberrys, most people are like "Mine not workinggg" and then mine is? So..I'm not sure if I can agree with you. I currently use a blackberry curve, but I'm planning on upgrading to the Tour once I get a chance. Once you get it down, blackberrys are...
  6. SC-Jon

    New Police fundraising scheme!

    Yes, on the Interstate. It's 70-75 in Alabama, about 55-60 if you're on the interstate traveling through B'ham. So; the scheme is 70 until the car passes the sign then it immediately changes to 30? What happens then? Cop/Officer pulls you over and asks if you saw the sign? You say it...
  7. SC-Jon

    Lower sales around Christmas?

    I'd say they become slower, as towards Christmas people are more occupied with what they're going to get for their friend/lover/family member, so majority of their time is spent in the "Rush before Christmas", or people are out of town. i.e; flying across country for family and friends, or out...
  8. SC-Jon

    Damn ITunes!

    It wasn't a pointless post, he was replying to the guy before him, not you. Ontopic: What Dynash said is probably your best bet, but it will be very time consuming, and you'll have to be careful not to do anything that'll cause extensive CPU usage during the converting, otherwise their will...
  9. SC-Jon

    5 Best Pc games according to you?

    Counter Strike 1.6/Source Team Fortress 2 Warcraft III Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars annd...Warhammer 40k; Dawn of War Yep...yep....yeeep.
  10. SC-Jon

    is this legal with Adsense

    More like an acquisition thing. :P
  11. SC-Jon

    External Hard Drive Reviews

    If you sit it on a flat service, and turn it on, and never ever touch it besides to turn it off/on. You' should never have an issue. :P
  12. SC-Jon

    A bit of an explanation

    Congratz Tracker, sorry to hear about all the trouble that's going on though, wish you all the best, man.
  13. SC-Jon

    External Hard Drive Reviews

    I've had two of those, and I do agree with some of the reviews, but a personal instance myself is..it fell off a small counter that sits in your lap when you're on the floor, maybe about 1ft from the actual floor, and it stopped working, so..seems to be like even the slightest shock to it and...
  14. SC-Jon

    Customer percentage loss for Direct Admin?.

    I've seen more people ask for DA and cPanel then what they have for Plesk. I've seen more people ask for Plesk on a Windows system then I have anything else. Majority of the time cPanel will win for those who utilize Linux hosting, but DA is a very nice alternative for those in the VPS...
  15. SC-Jon

    LxLabs Owner Dies

    Going along the knowledge of that Ligesh was the sole owner and operator of HyperVM, I'm going to say it's going to die. If he was the only one to have access to it, that is. The last month or so he hired a couple support people, one of them posted on the lxlabs forum stating that they have...
  16. SC-Jon

    LxLabs Owner Dies

    http://pastebay.com/21028 There you go, that's what the hacker posted before it had been deleted.
  17. SC-Jon

    As long as we're showing off cars...

    I like that car, where did you get it from?
  18. SC-Jon

    LXAdmin Renamed

    According to them, Kloxo is suppose to be a revamped lxadmin, new infrastructure, fixed bugs, etc, like a whole new thing. Supposedly finally able to support CentOS 5 fully. That being said, there was a topic in the forum that discussed the new name change, and the owner guy said that...
  19. SC-Jon

    I think I just gained 10 Horsepower

    I have to say.... That is one fine looking lobster.
  20. SC-Jon

    A not-so-common webdesign genre

    As a fan of Ragnarok myself, I have to say, that is quite an amazing site, keep it up. :)