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  1. X3r0X

    Need Social Network Site Host

    Even though you're banned... "social network site." "It's not a network script" Then what the hell is it?
  2. X3r0X

    Require a Free Host !

    Yeah, just consider what you're asking. Someone to give you free space for your website, and for you to make money off them. Hardly seems fair...
  3. X3r0X

    Need 500mb space+ and 10gb+ bandwidth

    I'm sorry, but posting in a public forum yeilds responses from the general forum public. In reality, who would want to spend the time posting and offering you a plan, when all you're doing is taking space on a server when your plan could quite easily attract a price tag? Look in the offers...
  4. X3r0X

    Need 500mb space+ and 10gb+ bandwidth

    In conclusion: You're nutso. Seriously, reconsider what you're asking.
  5. X3r0X

    Lexica Host - Cpanel 11 + Fantastico + RVSiteBuilder + Instant Activation

    At Lexica, we strive to provide the most enjoyable and sustainable free hosting experience to our end users. We offer quality support and hosting plans for our end users, all for the low low price of...nothing! Our free hosting plans offer a wide range of choices, ranging from a humble 50mb...
  6. X3r0X


    Here's the lowdown, in the simplest way I can put it: Stuff costs money. You, putting a text link on your website, doesn't make money. See where I'm going with this concept... Anyway, just tell all your clients they can quite easily register on the same website you used to "make your own...
  7. X3r0X

    Need hosting

    You sure you need a minimum of 5gb? Come on, if you're using 320mb and you "need room to grow", you're expecting your website to use 15 times your current data? Wouldn't 1gb be a more reasonable request? Also, no one will offer unlimited space and/or bandwidth to you. It's not really difficult...
  8. X3r0X

    Free Reseller - Reasonable specifications

    Oh alright, OI OI OI! Haha =). Thank you kindly for both of your replies, Dan I'll be crafting up a PM shortly so I can send you some more information / receive some more. More offers are welcomed and greatly appreciated Regards, Chris
  9. X3r0X

    Free Reseller - Reasonable specifications

    Hello everyone =). Long long time since I've browsed these here forums, and not much has changed with the few ridiculous requests I've seen just on the first page :lol:. Anyway, to cut to the chase, I'm humbly requesting a small reseller package from a reliable host. I have a year or so of...
  10. X3r0X

    Wanting to start a free hosting company

    I'd recommend starting as a moderator or functioning in a similar role on another free host. That way, you get the experience and exposure, without the responsibilities and fee's. From there, you can see if it's right for you.
  11. X3r0X

    100% free hosting with paid features

    Please, before you go throw the word "unmetered" around, acknowledge that you've advertised a 1gb per day LIMIT, hence not being unmetered at all. Also, your first post is one advocating a new hosting company...coincidence? I think not.
  12. X3r0X

    1 month rapidshare account for a php webhosting

    I think we'd like to see some Proof of Purchase to make sure you didn't just flog this off your mate or some person who had their account stolen.
  13. X3r0X

    Licensing your script

    How's about you scrap your php script, and make one which will flawlessly encode others scripts. Sounds like you'll get far more from it at the rate this conversation is going.
  14. X3r0X

    $1.41 for one click!!!!!

    I've had (in the peak of my old website) huge ammounts per click. I've ranged from about $.40c per click to $10-$15 and above. It all depends on the keywords.
  15. X3r0X

    Look For Free Reseller (Read More Info)

    So your using it for yourself, so I must ask why do you need a reseller? And if the other company went down because they couldn't afford to keep you/clients, doesn't that tell you something?
  16. X3r0X

    Evaluate and price my domain please.

    Erm... pagerank of 0, 50 hits per day... you'd really be lucky to get any ammount of money unless someone had a specific need for the domain.
  17. X3r0X

    opening dedicated server for counter strike

    www.whatismyip.com :).
  18. X3r0X

    Review My Website

    That pretty much sums it up.
  19. X3r0X

    Hosting a Cs:s server

    I doubt I or anyone else would spend $50+ per month, on an unknown Counter-Strike: Source clan. Let alone one who plays zombie mod.
  20. X3r0X

    Only in India

    I don't want to drive there now... :(.