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  1. tmgavin

    DanEthical Services Is BACK!

    Alrite. Sounds good. Ill go for it! :angel:
  2. tmgavin

    DanEthical Services Is BACK!

    Mmmms...What are the chances of the same unforeseen circumstances occurring again? :ninja:
  3. tmgavin

    Looking for cheap reseller

    Thank you for your relatively pointless comment =) Please read my very first paragraph.
  4. tmgavin

    Looking for cheap reseller

    Thanks for the offers guys, anymore? To tru1: Unfortunately, I'm not using US currency here, so... not too far in USD terms, is very far in my currency's terms. Thanks anyway.
  5. tmgavin

    Looking for cheap reseller

    Firstly, before you do anything, I'd just like to say that I understand that cheap is not good, and.. everything else, you don't have to point that out to me, thanks :lol:. However, I have a budget constrain at this time, and I would like to go for cheap :-) I would like about 1GB of space...
  6. tmgavin

    Server donation

    Sadly, the reality is that people will only give you a server if you are very, very good at it. If you are the top 10 clans, you will definitely have offers piling up.. For now, focus on pub servers and train up =)
  7. tmgavin

    Password Book

    Actrually, I started my own book a few days back. I tried to access my asiasoft account (very irritated by this, always failing to login), and realised that I completely forgot my password, secret qn/ans, and PIN number. meaning my account was completely useless. So, I started my own book =D
  8. tmgavin

    "Big" Hosting Request (Urgent!!!)

    Actually, if you just put up even some CPM advertising, you would be able to get enough money to get yourself a dedicated server.
  9. tmgavin

    decent free mail

    Thanks for reviving a 6 day old thread :fangel: Anyway.. FYI, you can actually get up to 200 accounts.
  10. tmgavin

    Question for the free hosts

    I have no idea what you mean by the last sentence lols.. Your first point is right though. However, in this case, we are talking about web hosting, which is abit different from donating a car. However, if you donate servers to something big like Wikipedia, it would be tax deductible.
  11. tmgavin

    This is a free reseller Q, not a request

    If you have cPanel, you can put limits on how much a person could FTP up. =)
  12. tmgavin

    Downside of reseller account?

    One more point, VPS means that you get allocated a fair amount of system resources. For example, if you run a very busy website, like friendster or something similar (of course, on a smaller scale), a reseller account won't do quite so well, because the resources are shared. This means that your...
  13. tmgavin

    Need your Opinion on Dispute with existhosting.com

    If it's http://www.existhosting.com/, have you tried calling the toll free number on their website? It's always nice to be able to scream at a human, instead of at a computer. If you do call, remember to record the conversation =) I would suggest that in future, you get someone reliable like...
  14. tmgavin

    This is a free reseller Q, not a request

    Actually, I can't really understand why you would need a reseller. You can always create separate ftp accounts, or even user some CMS software.. Anyway, if you discussed this with a few willing parties, it would be very simple to get your requested specs. I'm sure if you need more BW, the host...
  15. tmgavin

    WHM Reseller

    However, if the host wanted to oversell his reseller accs (i.e. the guy at the top of the food chain wants to oversell), then it becomes harder for him as there is an even higher chance that the server will fill up.
  16. tmgavin

    Oversell or die

    Well, I think that oveselling is usually the case when you see those impossible 2+GB offers, that are less than 10 bucks. To sell stuff like this, you would definitely have to oversell.. Or you fill up a server (assuming 200GB svr), for just a paltry 25 bucks.
  17. tmgavin

    Phiser Warning

    Basically, they make a fake paypal website, and in this case, that fake site is on the free host's servers
  18. tmgavin

    A rant

    Free hosts who actually boast about very very powerful servers, probably just advertise the specs of the dedi their VPS is on..
  19. tmgavin

    Question for the free hosts

    Well, for example, donating food to a homeless guy is not tax-deductible. Whilst donating food to a homeless shelter might be tax-deductible. I would say that perhaps if you donated to a charitable organization, it MIGHT be tax-deductible. No guarantees though, consult your local government..
  20. tmgavin

    Fast Reseller Wanted

    Honestly, anyone who sells space for that price is overselling way too much. I would seriously suggest you raise your budge.