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  1. - Dan

    [PHP?] How to make status bar?

    Thanks all :) Sorry Krak joe... I did not describe it specifically. Thanks secret that is actually what I need :) But somehow in the end I bought a script :( But I will try to use it first just for my knowledge...
  2. - Dan

    [PHP?] How to make status bar?

    Hello FWS members, I am curious about how to make a status bar. Let say you have a hard disk space and it shows 10Gb / 100Gb. Now I want to make a bar that will display this data. so 1/10 of the bar will be in green/red colour and the 9/10 will be in white colour. Since only 10 gb has been...
  3. - Dan

    skin your forum for $15

    So is it only PHPBB? what about VB or IPB? thanks
  4. - Dan

    iPanel or Whmcs

    Can I say clientexec if you want to have billing systems that is okay but cheap. If you want to have very decent one... try ModernBill from 15$/month
  5. - Dan

    Starting a Forum

    I think when you provide something free... then the forum will be full :)
  6. - Dan

    WTB: IPB or VB License

    Thanks GZSO for letting me know
  7. - Dan

    [Request] Hosting 25 mb with PHP MySQL

    Moga, I have sponsored his site. So mod can close this thread :) thanks Mod :)
  8. - Dan


    Well you can try, but in the end perhaps you will be unsatisfied. :) I guess there are other option in this forum. Some people are friendly as well and have great service. But it's all depend on you again :)
  9. - Dan


    Yup... it means that the host has a problem. :)
  10. - Dan

    cpanel backups

    Well, perhaps you can ask your hoster to setup a cron job for you? or they can do that for you? to do site backup.
  11. - Dan

    Where PolurNET ???

    Hello blitz, does the company have a backup for your site? I think hosting company should have a backup :) You can ask them for your file :) But I see your site is up, does that mean your problem has finished?
  12. - Dan

    WTB: IPB or VB License

    Hello, I am interested to buy these license, so if you have any owned or leased IPB license or Owned vb license and you want to sell it please pm me or reply it here. Thanks.
  13. - Dan

    Hosting required upto 50MB Max

    Okay I will pm you with some detail :) Don't worry I will sponsor your site so there is no cost for the hosting.
  14. - Dan

    Game Server Control Panel?

    I would say plesk, since that control panel has the setting for cs. Give it a try
  15. - Dan

    ScribbyTech new design! Please review!

    Looks great :) well done mate.
  16. - Dan

    Redesigned My Site, Opinions Please!

    Your site have a good simple design :) Just need to do some touch with background.
  17. - Dan

    whats bandwidth

    So... Bandwidth is... Take an example you have a drawer or a box. So when you put a thing (book or toys) into a box, you are using inbound bandwidth. Then when you take a thing out from a box, you are using outbound bandwidth. So there is in and out bandwidth, now for computer/hosting term: In...
  18. - Dan

    Hosting required upto 50MB Max

    hello there, I am interested to host you. I can provide you with 50 mb space and 1 gb bandwidth. text link is okay with me. You can check my hosting site, our uptime has been great for past 7 months.