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  1. incript_tech

    Banned Microsoft IE8 Ad

    Crap !!
  2. incript_tech

    Google Chrome OS~New Google Operating System!

    Personally i Still Like Windows ... Due to its Compatibility with hell loads of software and availability too.
  3. incript_tech

    Logo Design for You!

    Works For me !
  4. incript_tech

    ** DA **Hosting Cool stuff ++++

    Where Exactly the link needs to be placed, i presume it must be located into Footer area.
  5. incript_tech

    3 Free Reseller Plans

    Nice Plans !!!
  6. incript_tech

    Forum Hosting

    iiFree is pretty Awesome Company ...and Yes Bandwidth is the main problem as far as number of members are concerned the site is only 2 hours old only so the number will be different tommorrow !!! I am very much satisfied with quick setup and Fast servers of iiFree Although.
  7. incript_tech

    Forum Hosting

    Currently My Site runs on 500MB space but 15000MB data transfer. As Far As Site Traffice is concerned i am worried about the bandwidth coz i know it will consume a lot for sure.
  8. incript_tech

    Forum Hosting

    I am Soon To Be Creating A Desi People based Web Forums For Discussions Mainly ....... We already have hundreds of people ready to signup and many more in future if i guess that right. Domain Name I already Have: www.cafedesi.com I need the Following : 5GB of Webspace Bandwidth as much...
  9. incript_tech

    Free 36 GB Hosting!!! Plus FREE .com Domains for just 95 posts!!!

    Thats Really Looks Like a Great Offer !! Way to Go Webb360 !!
  10. incript_tech

    Blog Hosting Needed - Ads Welcomed

    i am looking for some more better options !!!
  11. incript_tech

    Blog Hosting Needed - Ads Welcomed

    Looks Like Only two people are interested in hosting me. Anyways thanks for the Offers ............ Mr.panda and joshost.I will consider it.
  12. incript_tech

    Blog Hosting Needed - Ads Welcomed

    Hello, Currently i started a blog in last week .......... I need good hosting for it and that too for free.This Blog is mainly about Microsoft Products although it will also feature some of the great technology updates for you almost everyday. http://www.redpepper.co.in I need Following...
  13. incript_tech

    Free Profesional instant setup

    I registered over there.Looks god to me for my starting website.
  14. incript_tech

    MegWire Hosting

    well i am looking for a good hosting too.
  15. incript_tech

    Redo my design - willing to pay

    Well i am up for this job.I am sending you my PM.
  16. incript_tech

    Send Unlimited FREE SMS to Anyone In The World!!!

    well i tried for india too and didnt worked for me either.
  17. incript_tech

    Webspacedepot now Offers free Hosting !

    One more question.I have registered for a account with you and everything got setup too.But your company hasn't yet told me where i can get banners to include on my site.
  18. incript_tech

    Webspacedepot now Offers free Hosting !

    i did applied for my new site.
  19. incript_tech

    YPN invites?

    Same problem here and they have sent me for around 3-4 times.
  20. incript_tech

    Where do i get the hits from?

    well if you are looking for paid services : go here : www.ineedhits.com One of the best sites i have ever used.