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  1. The Crasher

    WHMCS Modules, just €10

    hi, what kind of screenshots you like to see do you like to see the backend screenshots or the frontend screenshots ? basicly it is just a button that the users see , they press that button and a popup/new window opens ( or inline with fortumo , or a redirect with bips ) the user...
  2. The Crasher


    Dehost.org is dedicated to bring you 4 differend pacakges We made hosting easy , so we only provide 4 options to choose from our hosting got the quality you need , here are the packages in short WebHosting VPS Servers Dedicated 64GB Ram 4GB Ram 64GB Ram 15GB Space 100GB Space 3TB Space...
  3. The Crasher

    Quality XenServer based vps hosting with massive Ram

    Dear users At current moment we are offering Quality vps servers with a massive amount of ram for a cheap price compared to the quality you get some extra functions you get for free 1) a Gbit connection ( 1000 mbit ) 2) Free control panel to manage your vps server The vps servers...
  4. The Crasher

    No email sending limitation

    well i can offer you a vps for 15€ per month but there is 1 big rule that you do not going like as long the emails are not spam (bulkspam in this case) then it is possible to do it but as soon it get reconised as spam ( that happens realy fast with that amount of emails) then it probaly will...
  5. The Crasher


    well i enjoyed reading this story over here i enjoyed to read about that hacking support ( forkbomb ) and i definaly enjoyed the chat about irc The first question i would ask myself is why you use irc in first place irc is known for there exploats and there is a reason it is banned by 90% of...
  6. The Crasher

    Looking for buget VPS (or similar)

    well i can provide a offer that is cheaper and better then you have now but it is located in germany and sadly enouf also per month (its not a cloud) Mini VPS €20,00EUR Monthly + €30,00EUR Setup Fee 100 GB Space unmetered Traffic (if average traffic consumption continuously exceeds 20 Mbit/s...
  7. The Crasher

    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    well, we have proven it before that we can bring down a company , specialy a company that works in a illigal way ( directclanhosting ) first of all if you ask for proof of id then you do that BEFORE a order after a order is not legal Second , where does it says that she need to provide...
  8. The Crasher

    Need a reliable host for my band's site!

    here is my intresting offer http://dehost.org/webhosting.html 10GB space 300GB Traffic Just 3€ per month or 2.5€/m if you order per year it is located in germany order https://cp.powerchaos.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=55 Greetings From PowerChaos
  9. The Crasher

    Need Cheap Dedicated Server EU

    Hi i can offer you a dedicated server , but the price will be 85€ ( 115$ ) The server spects are a Dual core (2 x 2,13 GHz) , 3GB ram and 400GB HD it does have a fair use policy for traffic limit (read more on http://dehost.org/dedicated.html) This certain server can not be found on my site...
  10. The Crasher

    VPS vs. Shared Hosting - Do You Need a VPS?

    well it is a intresting post ( so far i read the big lines) but if you want to post difference betwean Xen and openvz then take a look at this page http://powerchaos.com/vps-servers.html it explains the difference betwean openVZ , Xen and parrallels ( virtuozo) then to provide a bit of...
  11. The Crasher

    Need Hosting for my clients and myself

    Hi, i can offer what you ask , but keep in mind that only you will be able to acces whm (in case you want to resell space ? ) For the rest no1 else will be able to acces it as it is locked by the firewall at current moment i can give it a shot so you can be free , and as long you do not abuse...
  12. The Crasher

    Cheap/Low-End VPS Needed

    Hi sadly enouf i can not match the price you ask but if you look at price/Quality and what you get then it is worth the extra price i can provide 1GB ram for linux for 15€ normaly i provide only windows vps servers , but i can make a exeption and put linux on it please note , the system we...
  13. The Crasher

    Need 2 webhosting accounts

    if you are still looking for webhosting packages , then i can offer exactly what you need http://dehost.org/webhosting.html the maxi package cost 5€ and got everything you need ( 25GB disk space , 750GB traffic , 15 addon/park domains , cpanel ) i am willing to make a special deal for you in...
  14. The Crasher

    Shared hosting or my own VPS?

    to explain this easy , it is a nice question but still a hard to answer question first of all it depends what you do do you got custom mods installed ?? ( like mp4 pseudostreaming ?? ) do you want to improve security ?? do you use a lot of space or cpu/ram ?? so first see what you use before...
  15. The Crasher

    Email spamming

    just use a system like i do use the pipe system , let it go to your cpanel inbox and use spamassasin or just a verification email (yes you can do that ) then no emails will be sended to you anymore until they provide a answer back on the email itself and then it get piped forward to your...
  16. The Crasher

    WOWZA Installation

    lucky that we offer 1GB packages that can run your wowza server in case you like to have it for the license it is your responsibility , but it can work on our vps systems more info about our vps packages can be found at http://dehost.org and for full info about wowza systems, take a look at...
  17. The Crasher

    Late fee on a hosting account?

    as a host we got the right to apply late fee see it like a bank if you borrow a loan from a bank you pay a fee (thats normal) if you do not pay back in time they charge a extra late payment fee (dit they inform you about that ?) so why would we keep other users there files and backups on our...
  18. The Crasher

    powerchaos.info status checker

    ok , i will put it on your daily tasklist so you can not forget ^^ (or shal i spam a bit to the inbox like usual :D ) Greetings From PowerChaos
  19. The Crasher

    powerchaos.info status checker

    Then you know what you could do as next task Create me a good template , i fix the scripts inside it as that is a differend story ^^ Greetings From PowerChaos
  20. The Crasher

    powerchaos.info status checker

    exactly so you can add the status (online/offline) to there site and update last chekcing status on the homepage on that way they can always see the status from a external source unlike the local source they use now Greetings From PowerChaos