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    My new forum

    Create dummy accounts, hire some quality forum posters and tell them to post number of interesting threads and use the dummy accounts to reply to those threads.
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    Review my site xD

    Its very simple and clean work. Good Luck :P
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    Looking for Cheap Dedicated Server

    gate2vn is right. Windows dedicated server is not possible for $50. We can provide you windows vps server it includes 10GB space, 200GB monthly bandwidth, 256MB RAM, for $49 per month (no setup fee).
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    Looking for affordable Dedicated Server..

    View our dedicated plans http://solidhost.com/index.php?inc=dedicated Contact us if you have any queries.
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    Seeking for dedicated server

    I'm very glad to hear this from you guys. Thanks. :-)
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    Seeking for dedicated server

    Your budget is low compared to your requirement, please raise your budget.
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    Kinda need help finding a better host..

    Hello, We have servers in Atlanta and Amsterdam. We can offer you. AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 512MB DDR RAM 80GB Harddrive (7200RPM) 1000GB Multihomed Bandwidth 100Mbps Fast Ethernet Port 8 IP adresses Price : $139/month (No setupfee) AMD XP64 3000 512MB DDR RAM 120GB Harddrive...
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    SMALL VPS Needed To Experiment With

    Hello, We accept payment via paypal, the vps will be setup within 12hours (no free or trial accounts). We can offer you, Linux Starter VPS 10GB Hard Drive Space 200GB Monthly Bandwidth 256MB Guaranteed RAM 1GB Burstable RAM Virtuozzo Power Panel Full Root Access 2 Usable IPs...
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    Dedicated Windows Server, Established Hosts Only

    We can provide you everything but for MSSQL there would be an additional fee, so we could do MSDE for you which is basically the free version of MSSQL. Helm is included for free. Plesk starts at $19 per month. It's possible to upgrade the server specs. AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 512MB DDR RAM...
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    Very well explain Craig. In more simple language, forum users are allowed to rate on anothers post, positive rating will increase your reputation, and negative ratings will lower it.
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    check it out please

    When I read the domain name I thought the site will be very attractive but its not, you should use some eye catching colors and don't leave the background portion empty. Good Luck :-)
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    Mums Cat Site

    Its a pretty good site, well done keep it up. :-)
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    Rajhosting.com hosting?

    Hey rajuthan all your packages doesn't seem to be realistic anybody can guess that you are overselling your services. If you want to be alive here and in this business then offer some realistic packages to your clients. Good Luck :-)
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    20 GB space with 1 TB bandwidth

    On Shared hosting there will be low securtiy level, limited software, you can't install your own softwares. So You definately need a dedicated server and it will cost you more than $100.
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    i want to start my own hosting company!

    The post indicates that you have to learn a lot, so I'd recommend you to look for a free host. Check here freewebspace section you will get number of offers.
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    What's better?

    Since you are from Ontario I'd suggest you to consider YPN as you can signup with them if you don't wish to join google I have also heard that payout of YPN per click is more than that of google adsense.
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    Unmetered Dedicated server

    Hello, Our dedicated servers are located in USA (GNAX datacenter in Atlanta, GA). We have our own private room with our own equipment. Each server has a 100mbps switch port and datacenter is connected to 7 different bandwidth providers. To read more about this network, please refer to...
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    4gb with 200gb transfer, what you got?

    We can offer you vps server, 10GB space, 200GB monthly bandwidth, 256MB Guaranteed RAM, 1GB Burstable RAM, 2 Usable IPs, managed, free SSL certificate for only $39 per month (no setup fee). Cpanel/WHM : $7 per month Fantastico : $2 per month 100 GB Bandwidth : $19 per month