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    $3 domain?

    Thank you for your offer vietpages but I have decided to go with smokyhosts. Also thanks for the suggestion c3nar1us. If a moderator would like to lock this thread, please do.
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    $3 domain?

    Is it possible to buy a $3 (USD) domain somewhere using paypal? If someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Else it would be easier for me if someone could register a domain for me and I will give you the $3, im not very familiar with the process, I have...
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    What forum software do you like?

    IPB 2.0 Unlimited Trial is not available anymore, and if you downloaded it from a place other than the invisionboard website then you are breaking the copyright. It is illegal to distribute it.
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    Illegal IPB 2.0.X?

    With vBulletin you could open up one of the javascripts in your browser, because most illegal boards usually say nullified by # team. So say for this forum you would open up http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/clientscript/vbulletin_menu.js. There would most likely be an indication of...
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    Free Domain Name

    Looks like the link has been banned from being posted in here... maybe for a good reason too.
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    need help in decompiling an .exe

    You can decompile .exe's using PE Explorer. But even the thought of decompiling something that you haven't made can get you into alot of trouble, during most installs they say things about 'You may not reverse-engineer this program'.
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    vb 3 skin for ipb 1.2

    So you want to convert a skin from vBulletin 3 to IPB 1.2? You wont be able to get a vBulletin skin to load into IPB unless it has been converted and even then copywrite may have been infringed, so it would be very unlikely to find a skin made for vBulletin ported to IPB legally.
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    Illegal IPB 2.0.X?

    The unlimited trial/normal trial still returns -- , but if it isnt a trial and is version 2.0.x and shows -- that means that it still might be illegal as the customer hasn't entered their key yet. If you find an illegal IPB then Report It
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    forum hosting offer!!

    He has already cancelled it
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    What's the best free e-mail service?

    Well you can register gmail with a .net passport and sign into msn messenger.
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    Free Web Hosting Instant setup. [cpanel/fantastico] Get your account in 30 seconds!

    I wasn't requesting hosting, i was merely pointing out the odd subdomain (.melovepenis.com) but thanks for the concern.
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    Dont you think you have posted enough spam? You could have easily incorporated all those different hosting types into only one thread.
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    Free Web Hosting Instant setup. [cpanel/fantastico] Get your account in 30 seconds!

    lol, I would like to request a hosting package with the subdomain of .melovepenis.com.
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    Free Web Hosting Instant setup. [cpanel/fantastico] Get your account in 30 seconds!

    Nice choice subdomains, wouldnt be a very pleasing thing too see if someone was actaully ordering a hosting package with a subdomain. See for yourself : http://www.xerox-hosting.com/order/ and select 'use subdomain' then next.
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    forum hosting offer!!

    Please dont cancel. People probably think that it is a scam, thats why they arent applying.