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    Streaming control panel

    Have you looked at the AIR platform yet? Thats cross platform and its very very easy to turn a website into an AIR app
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    POLL: Adfree or Post 2 Host- The debate

    Erm, but if you're payed in USD to GBP you get more now. It was sitting at around 2.0 a while back, now it's around 1.4, which oc means that payments In USD is worth a fair bit more than it was a year or two ago. If you're using USD pay to support US hosting, the end result should be the same...
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    best free online RSS reader ?

    Hi, are you sure you can't just do this http://username@pass:google.com ? oc, replace the details.
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    Website Design! How long does it take?

    Cool, thats all that matters then, sorry for hijacking the thread :)
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    Looking for Blog hosting

    500GB Bandwidth? Per Month? TBH, if you're burning 500GB bandiwth you'd be generating enough cpu's to need a VPS at least.
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    Website Design! How long does it take?

    Sorry, maybe I misunderstood, I was refering to this one http://eaglehawkit.com .
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    Website Design! How long does it take?

    Coming from a man with 129 xhtml errors on his portfolio thats the not calling the kettle black ;p
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    Review: http://mason.co.nr/

    It just takes time and practise (and research) I'm not saying that some people don't have a talent for it, but just that anyone who really wants to can, eventually, become that good :)
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    Review: http://mason.co.nr/

    It's a nice effort but maybe this article will help you out a bit :) http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/02/26/10-steps-to-the-perfect-portfolio-website/
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    Web Design Courses

    Try a couple of these to get going ;) http://wefunction.com http://www.smashingmagazine.com/ http://lynda.com (videos, need to pay but you can get a free week trial again and again..) good luck.
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    Website Design! How long does it take?

    To be honest with you a competent designer could do a site like that in a day or two, good luck with getting the money back. ;)
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    need 3rd paty opinion...

    That's what I was going to say but if it was a PHP error the FTP would work ok. It could also be your local PC? Have you tried uploading files to other services?
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    Anyone know Javascript?

    You don't need JS for that. Give me a sec to warm my brain up... .floaty-box { background-color: #333; height: 30px; width: 100px; position: fixed; left: 0px; top: 20%; } It's position: fixed; That makes it follow up or down with the window. Let me know if you need...
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    I need to start up Free post to host

    Oc, but my point was that in this case the owner won't have any userbase at all, so a empty SMF forum with 40 categories isn't going to look too inviting :)
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    POLL: Adfree or Post 2 Host- The debate

    I'm not too sure really. I have to say I find it unlikely people would make much off the websites of their clients. If your clients had a good ad income surely they would just pay for hosting? So yep, i would say you're right.
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    Should I wait for Windows 7?

    Windows 7 runs a lot faster than Vista. Been running it for about 2 months now. There's a few issues, like when UAC pops up sometimes the resolution goes to 1024x768 and I loose my desktop background. :/ That could just be the w7 beta nvidia drivers though. But yep, don't bother with Vista...
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    I need to start up Free post to host

    That's what I said, but in english :)
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    Premium UK based hosting, Just for Wordpress Users/Devs

    Hi there, Just advertising our UK Based Wordpress Hosting. Please view our website here, there's a lot of information about us there, it seems foolish to duplicate it here :) http://h0ster.org Thanks
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    Free UK Wordpress Hosting For Developers/Small Blogs

    Hi there, we've recently started offering small free hosting packages. We're focused on providing hosting services to wordpress users, the service we offer is quite different, so please be sure to have a good look at our website http://h0ster.org I will summarise, the details here, but...
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    What are some free image host?

    Erm? Flickr anyone?