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    Need TLD Hosting

    My old host disappeared one day and I was left with nothing from my old website. I'm looking for free TLD hosting (No image ads, please.) I'm looking for: 250-500mb disk space 4-5gb data transfer 2 MySQL databases CPanel/Fantastico (if possible) 10 e-mail accounts I'd use the...
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    Requesting Free Hosting

    I would like the following: 100mb disk space 2,000mb data transfer 5 MySQL databases Cpanel atleast 2 e-mail accounts atleast 1 FTP account I will be using a TLD for my website.
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    WTH Google? You're Slacking!

    Why don't you try running a service as big as g-mail and see how long it takes you to perfect it? =)
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    Quick question about FTP banning

    Heya guys, quick question: I use a parser for Everquest 2. I set it up to automatically update my parsings every fight (establishes a new FTP connection, usually every 20-30 seconds). Could this get my IP banned or my FTP temporarily blocked to a host if I did this for a couple hours? It...
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    Not a big request

    Maybe he meant 50GB per year =O
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    Special Request :: Must See ::

    Why exactly does the amount of page-views you get matter if you're not going to put banner ads on your website? =O
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    Would Appreciate free TLD hosting

    First off, I would like an established or dedicated host please (atleast a year old?) I'd like: 1GB Space 5GB Bandwidth (Upgradeable later possibly, if traffic is good?) CPanel / Fantastico (CPanel alone is perfect) 10 E-mail Accounts 10 FTP Accounts 99% Uptime (Please :classic2:) I'm offering...
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    Free Domain Hosting?

    Hello all, I'm looking for domain hosting. My old host (I guess) had some technical problems and my MySQL databases got deleted. Any established hosts offering the following: 200MB Storage Space 3GB Bandwidth 5 MySQL CPanel 5 FTP Accounts 10 E-mail Thanks in advance! By the way, I'd like to...
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    New layout on my humor site.

    Pretty good, I don't like how you have the lightgrey background with white font on some of the tables, though. Maybe make it a few shades darker =).
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    Your thoughts...Please!

    Wow, that is a pretty good for a beginner.. Could use some more color distinguishing and maybe a sharper font, it's showing up blurry on my monitor.
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    They seem kind of .... plain...
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    VBB vs. IPB vs. phpBB

    PhpBB is my favorite, just seems to be easier to customize and have a cleaner interface.
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    Domain Registration Pricing?

    Sweet, thanks Matt. I kinda typed my thoughts out wrong originally.. Looking for something for a friend, and misunderstood him. Anybody else know about my edited question?
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    Domain Registration Pricing?

    Not sure about what pricing is now, anybody care to inform me with hosting..? Or do most hosts give free domain names with a year purchase of hosting?
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    Free Webspace for Guild Hosting

    Hello Everybody! I was wondering if any companies were providing free hosting for guilds? (Everquest 2, for anybody who was curious..) I'm looking for: 150mb file storage (For some fraps'ed game video, may not use it though..) 2,000mb data transfer (For video distribution, possibly...