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  1. K

    help needed reg file hosting

    Hi i am planning to start my filehosting site... is Hostmonster good for tat... or will u recommend any other site..:)
  2. K

    Need a Host for FileHosting

    budget is upto 10-15$ per month..... but i need a site with more space annd BW
  3. K

    Need a Host for FileHosting

    Hi I need a server for starting my file hosting site... If any one can offer.. please let me know.... Please specify your cost and bandwidht... Thanks
  4. K

    Need Free V3 Arcade/ibproArcade Games

    Hi can i know where can i get Free games pack for v3 Arcade or ibproArcade...
  5. K

    How Does IPB/Vb Finds the Legal version

    for tat 85$ i can add mods... am i right???
  6. K

    How Does IPB/Vb Finds the Legal version

    Oh... very good reply.... Thanks for the solution.... wats the cost of VB and IPB for 1 year license....
  7. K

    IPB or VB

    i need to buy IPB or vB for my GFX Forum I need comparision between these 2 boards.... with Price:(1 year License) Flexiblity: Mods installbility: Please do help me....
  8. K

    How Does IPB/Vb Finds the Legal version

    Hi there are many sites with illegal Forum hosting but i need to know how we can find whether they are illegal or not... And do Vb/IPB check all licenses... Please do reply... My Friends account was suspended... due to this..
  9. K

    [Hire] Web & Graphic designer

    reg application I am also interested... i am a good designer and i good in Photoshop... Hope i can help you
  10. K

    I am rejected from Adsense

    very happy guys...
  11. K

    I am rejected from Adsense

    yeah i too like adbrite but they pay by check only.. so its too hard...
  12. K

    I am rejected from Adsense

    Hi I have started my website abt GFX http://ktutorials.com I applied for adsense account but they rejected mine... And so i applied for mamma ad solutions and few other.... can anyone just have a look at my site and suggest what is lagging in my site... Also suggest me to which...
  13. K

    Place your ads for 5$

    Hi My site is http://ktutorials.com its about Graphics and related stuffs. Currently i have 5000+ impressions per day... And i planned to give the ad space for sale. Ad Schemes: We allow only 468 x 60 sized ads... Any one interested you can PM me here or at my site. If you have Graphics...
  14. K

    HI i need Domain name for my site members

    yeah but i need custom names.. need approximately 1 domain a mnth... and name will be said by me... since winners are not know... till voting ends..
  15. K

    HI i need Domain name for my site members

    Hi i have started a website and i have announced Prixe for tat compettion as "Domain names"... i want a domain name for 1 year validity.. i will be buying 1 domain a month... so can i get any solution for my query... I wil pay upto 5$ for Domain Reg per year Any cheap domain names... Please...
  16. K

    Hosting needed

    Hi i am from india. i need a hosting site for my Forum my requirements 1+GB space 10+GB BW 5+ MySQL, PHP 99.9+% Reliablity Free Domain Registration Total monthly budget is 8$
  17. K

    Hosting needed...

    i hope u are new to this.... you can get even more tan 1gb...
  18. K

    Hosting needed...

    i need to start a GFX Design Tutorials Forum i need follwoing Webspace : 500 + mb (upgradable) BW : 10GB 5+ MySQL + PHP 99.9% Reliable... No ads of any type.. Account should be upgradable... that is, from a sub domain(ktutorials.xxxxxx.com) to Domain (ktutorials.com)... i need this...
  19. K

    3 moola invites available

    i too want one moola invite...
  20. K

    How much do u earn from AdSense?

    yeah i am about to submit my site to adsense... can i know in wat basis adsense award their account ..... my site is http://tweaks.yurx.com/joomla/phpBB2/index.php