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    First Impressions: What Do You Think Of My MediaServer PHP Class?

    Why was this moved to programming help? I do not see any reason that would warrant it. Nick
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    First Impressions: What Do You Think Of My MediaServer PHP Class?

    Haha very funny Blank Verse. Can I get some real answers? I know this is a big and diverse community so I was hoping someone who sells classes/plugins like this would be able to help me find a good starting price. Thanks Nick
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    First Impressions: What Do You Think Of My MediaServer PHP Class?

    I am afraid I do not understand. Are you saying it looks good, but it has bad background music? Sorry. Sometimes I need someone to spell it out for me. Thanks Nick EDIT: I have a video without music. Should I post that one?
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    First Impressions: What Do You Think Of My MediaServer PHP Class?

    I made a MediaServer PHP Class, and I need a few people to review the Video and PowerPoint before I send them to prospective customers. I also need help deciding on a good price. https://cdn-global.s3.amazonaws.com/MediaServer-Demo.zip This contains a detailed PowerPoint and a...
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    First I would like to admit that I am a Microsoft fanboy and I absolutely hate Apple. With that said, the iPad, like most of Apple's new products, have a huge social factor to it and, with my future career of law (I have lots of school left), I need to use what society uses. So...
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    Hosting for Non Profit Services

    Ok, thats fine. I have been applying for Pepsi Refresh and have my idea submitted by 12:30 sharp and all the slots are already taken. Where else could I go to get a technology grant? I think this would be the best way. Then, I am able to start my project and the host is paid. Thanks. Nick
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    Hosting for Non Profit Services

    How come people who make hobby sites, like the social networking website listed here, get multiple offers but I get none? Nick
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    Hosting for Non Profit Services

    Hello. I am Nick and I am wondering about the possibility of a high power VPS or medium power dedicated server. First I need to post a few things about me. 1. I manage dedicated servers at work running Windows 2003/2008, Coldfusion and MSSQL 2. I have been programming PHP for 5 years 3...
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    Dedi and VPS Both

    I am sorry guys, I swore I updated this thread twice. I am looking for offers like The Crasher posted. Thanks guys. He (or she) specifically gve me a reasonable dedi and a reduced rate on the VPS. Thanks Nick
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    RentaVPS - Reliable VPS - 50GB HD, 512MB RAM, 1TB Bandwidth, $14.95 Per Month!!

    I am not impressed. http://www.rentavps.net/server/ That page throws 20+ errors and the support MSN email is not online for chat. Nick
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    Dedi and VPS Both

    The point of me not putting down hardware requirements is because I dont have any. I morph my project around available servers and as such need to get the most bang for my buck. I would prefer to leave it at that. Nick
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    Dedi and VPS Both

    I am looking for a dedicated server with the most bang for my buck. I will take both Windows (We use these at work) and Linux (Should be able to figure this one out). I need the Dedicated to be fully managed by you, for now. I would like the option to take over later and lower my payment if...
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    [VPS Request] Speed and Reliability

    Thank you all for the posts. I am still looking, as I have not made the large purchase I planned to make (I plan to buy an Archos 7 - I will in a month then plan to order a quality VPS) No one has answered of they allow the techno MP3's? I have a system coded to allow for users to report...
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    QGNetwork VDS/Dedicated Host

    Are these managed and how much more for cPanel (I wouldnt use them for gaming - more web development) Also, what happens when your "2 years" is up? Where did you originally buy these from? Edit: Please forward answer to stereofreak69@gmail.com Stereofreak69
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    Hosting for a Fishing Website

    First off: This hosting is not for me. It will be in my name and use my email, but it will be for a friend. I have been talking with a friend of mine over the internet for a while and we have not had much success with sites. So we decided to make a geo-location specific site. Here is some...
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    [EU] Dual Core - 4GB RAM - 2X250GB HD w/RAID - $70.00/mo -- NEW Germany Expansion!

    Anyone used this company before? I would like at least one good review from someone on FWS. Also, I sent a email through your "pre-sales" form in WHMCS. Thanks. I am interested, but not buying for about a month or so. Stereofreak69
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    Maybe a trade of services (I bring the server)

    I found a dedicated server online for 40USD, and it has acceptable stats. But I dont have any idea of how to manage it (I emailed, they wont manage that one, any other but not that one). I am in the process of learning how to manage a windows server at work, but this server is linux...
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    [VPS Request] Speed and Reliability

    I just got a job as a ColdFusion programmer and have recently been promoted to Server Technician (I help to manage the servers, before the hosting company did). Anyways, I would like VPS. The main concern here is speed, so a high dedi of ram would be good, with a little bit of a burst. I...
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    MySql Host

    No, I have not. I am awaiting a payment from a friend, then I will choose a host. Sorry if it seemed I was done. Stereofreak69