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  1. J

    Anyone like to review my site?

    :d thats a well thought out design :d couple of little things: Clicking on SUPPORT (top bar) takes you to: page not found (http://v12host.com/community/submit-ticket/) HOSTING SOLUTIONS > Shared Web Hosting, remains as a carat cursor thingy (im sure someone will give us the correct term :))...
  2. J

    wth is "planking"?

    i was on about the 2nd explanation lol
  3. J

    wth is "planking"?

    http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=planking putting the link rather than copy/paste the definition due to what it actually is ;)
  4. J

    [php] Importing a file?

    google: "php parse text file to mysql" or even "php parse text file to mysql line by line" else, your going to need to dump a few lines of the file (change sensitive info, but leave structure in place) in here so we can see the exact format and any delimiters etc.
  5. J

    Best software for web designing?

    Personally i use Dreamweaver 4 (not a typo for cs4) for the basic layouts, tables etc etc, then context editor (similar to notepad++) to manually code in the css. I find after 4.0, DW gets too bloated and fisherprice looking. If it works dont fix it kind of thing. Paintshop pro 7 (again another...
  6. J

    Need free offshore or reseller with high features[WILLING TO P2H 50+ A MONTH]

    Hi, some more details on what your looking for would be helpful. In some peoples eyes 1GB space / 50GB transx a month is high, where as others think 100gb space/ 1.5TB is high. What exactly are you looking for? Offshore, all depends on where you are really ;) Im in the UK, and America is...
  7. J

    filled this in error

    filled this in error
  8. J

    Ad free (P2H or do offers or both) || 100% CUSTOM! YOU DECIDE! --> OMWEBS <-- [50%OF]

    Just a quick observation, if someone who is looking for free hosting enters your site from say google, how are they going to know its custom hosting you have to actually need to physically request??. All i see is a forum, which looks to me like a support based forum, and a 'fill out a form'...
  9. J

    A Quiet Launch ;)

    lol ta, then men are public domain, the links down the bottom on copyright, hes got some good wallpapers on there. I've gone for plain to try and stick out from the 1000's of other sites :)
  10. J

    A Quiet Launch ;)

    Keeping things simple first day, 1 package, nothing automated, less to go wrong http://y2j.co.uk/ General impressions? J
  11. J

    Best Free Forum Software

    my votes for phpbb too, lots of themes to make it individual, yet maintaining the processes visitors are used to.
  12. J

    New website, what do you think?

    very very nice site, love the ticket time thing too :)
  13. J

    What Are You Listening To!

    /me sings 'dont stop belivinggggggggg'
  14. J

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    Original Post: July 6th, 2006, 16:50 Post number #9038 whoop refly for me :)
  15. J

    Whats simpler windows or linux?

    Tbh, if its a desktop pc, i'd say use windows. it all gui based. plus if its for a third party, deffo windows. they can then ask almost anyone for assistance on msn without looking for specialist forums. Linux, although coming on leaps and bounds, it has some head work for the first time...
  16. J


    Ive been playing with account lab for the last few days, but its starting to do my nut in tbh. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesent. im looking at cpanel/whmcs as a sort of last resort as id like to try n get kloxo to work.
  17. J


    Hi, does anyone know how to create a subdomain via the api on kloxo/lxadmin? or failing that, any opensource/free billing & account creation for kloxo/lxadmin? Jai
  18. J

    trying my luck (shell)

    eggdrops to do what exactly? jai