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    Would you choose cheap hosting company or are you willing to pay more ?

    Once you decide to buy VPS hosting for your website, there are quite a few things that you should to be conscious about. The price of the VPS hosting package is not always a sign of a VPS hosting service provider. However it could sometimes be dependent on the level of customer support to kind...
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    Best Live chat software

    In my opinion it is the Live Help Messenger desktop, application that we use for our tech support!
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    Linux vs windows hosting

    The most significant benefit that Linux VPS hosting options have over windows hosting options is being a FOSS (free and open source) application, which means in case if you’re skilled in hosting and server management, by going for Linux VPS hosting, you will be capable of saving some money on...
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    Windows VPS requested.

    Check out our deals on our website and contact our technical support.VPSGURUS.COM
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    Shared VPS vs Reseller VPS?

    You probably mixed the shared web hosting with vps hosting.Vps is next steps in relation to web hosting and also same but cheaper then dedicated server hosting.
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    reviews on the website

    I do not think it's bad to put impressions of users to the site. Those who need more information and evidence on the seriousness of the provider will search in other places!
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    Starting hosting

    Motivation for many businesses to buy VPS servers is their capability of delivering the same level of performance as of dedicated hosting. VPS hosting is capable of providing its clients with complete administrative control, higher server capacity, higher bandwidth, best safety measures and...
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    How to handle over heating ?

    Considering that this is a older computer, probably cooler not in good contact with the processor or the fan is dirty!
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    Uptime guarantee

    100% uptime is possible maybe sometime even demanding, when servers are maintained under an industrial context and host critical applications such as banking systems. An computer at a Hungarian television is reported having 16 years of uptime. The computer runs the channel's Teletext!!!
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    RAM for PC

    I think the company that produces memory is not so important, more important is that attention turned to the type and speed of memory that goes to your motherboard!!
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    Keeping all the Applications Updated Using a Tough Password 3rd Party Code and Scripts Plugins, widgets, and every other code (such as free templates and themes) that you are installing on your VPS are normally developed by some other “unknown” person or a group. So always do a little research...
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    Cloud hosting..?

    Sofia and Don, thanks for your posts and explanations related to my question. Greeting!!!
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    Best anti virus

    I agree with many of them thet avast is very best.Free program,just send e-mail and you have activation for one year, it does not take a lot of resources of computers and I use it very long time, and never have problem whit virus of any kinde...!!
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    What type of best RAM for a PC?

    Of course, on modern motherboards the best choice is DDR3.This type of memory has the highest throughput and and operates at higher frequencies than the older types.
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    Best anti virus

    I would recommend AVAST antivirus. From my experience there are very good protection, is free,and takes up very little system resources!
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    Cloud hosting..?

    when I was looking around for good VPS hosting, I came across something called Cloud hosting. I know it's been there for a while but I really have no idea about the difference. But when I look at VPS hosting and Cloud hosting they have these terms that I don't understand and even have a slider...
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    Hello, I need advice.

    Hello, I need advice.I want to rent a vps and run a windows game server on the same. I am interested in the minimum requirements for a VPS that I could run a game server, and explanation of how to run a game server and choose which game to start.Thank in advance.
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    VPSWebServer SUMMER promotion, eXtreme SAVINGS!

    Hi, For LIMITED time we are running summer promotion (until end of July). What do you get with promotion: * Price significantly lowered, for as long as you are customer AND * Double bandwidth AND * Double HDD So ALL DISCOUNTS are included and for as long as you stay with us. Orders must be...
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    Best domain name reseller

    NameCheap has good offer domains. Also I have few domains with GoDDady.
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    What is Best Support Ticket System?

    I use WHCMS for last few years and they have everything you need on one place. Also their support is great if you need something to fix or modify. Also we tried others software like kayako but at end we stay with WHMCS.