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    is bidvertiser shaving me?

    ive got a crap click through too Start Date - January 01, 2006 End Date - March 09, 2006 Impressions - 5,101 Clicks 6
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    MSN to charge users for messenger...

    i got this email too, i didnt bother forwarding it, i dont forwardmost of the chain mails i get, this one was just stupid
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    Earn CASH by Uploading Images & Referring Friends!

    joined imagefly username: Death001
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    Free Web Hosting! cPanel, Fantastico, PHP, PERL, CGI, Stats, SSL, and more!

    Deccan Host is a very Good host, i highly recommend them
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    Google Vs US Gov

    Yes it is, google has a privacy policy, why would they brake that to give there information to a goverment who wants to look though it and find people who are doing, planning, or discussing illegal things over the internet. Google has a right to keep this information they shouldnt have to give...
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    Looking For Host, High Space and Band Width

    no, there just tryig to stop him from being scammed or getting ----ty hosting with no support and crappy uptime
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    Need Free host

    i reccomend deccan host, and if you want a free domain you can get a free .be one from eurodns
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    Looking For Host, High Space and Band Width

    Don't bother responding if you can't match his request
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    looking for partner

    i might be interested i need something to do, PM me
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    Testing this out!

    I also see 4 ad blocks on your site. i would say not much seeing there is already so many ads $2 month maybe
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    cheap hosting plz

    TJR is right, if you dont either pay more or expect to get less features then your going to end up with ----ty hosting on over sold servers and you will proberly end up needing new hosting next months all that aside =================================== --------------- AHostingWay...
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    Need Hosting :)

    ===================================================================== ---------------------------- AHostingWay ---------------------------- ===================================================================== We at AhostingWay can offer You the following custom plan 3GBS space 10GBs bandwidth...
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    Need Free Hosting AGAIN - Nothing too impossible! Please Look!

    if you can afford a licence for IPB which isnt cheap i dont see why you cannot afford about $2 a month for the hosting you want and $9 for a domain
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    need cheap hosting

    You have had a page worth of offers and im sure a few of them would accept e-gold
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    Need Hosting 1 GB Space - 30 Gig BW

    =================================== --------------- AHostingWay ---------------- =================================== AHostingWay can offer you this custom plan 1Gbs Space 40GBs bandwidth Unmetered MYSQL, FTP, EMAIL Cpanel with Fantastico 99% uptime Cheap upgrades if you need more...
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    need cheap hosting

    == AHostingWay == ------------------- We at AHostingWay can offer you a custom plan to suit your needs we can offer you 1GB Space 40Gb bandwidth cpanel unmetered mysql databases/ ftp / subdomains and domains for 99% uptime tech support all this for $6 a month if you pay 3 months in advance you...
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    Need offers "Payment:Visa Card"

    4Gb space 80Gb bandwidth $12 month Email/msn: support [at] ahostingway [dot] com its a bit more expensive but you get what you pay for and our hosting is quality
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    it allows you to surf the net anonomosly
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    Need host for my CS:S Clan

    i can offer you that in return for 1 text links somewhere on you main page PM me
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    jlrehost.be and gayble.com is a cheater

    why do you have internet then gayble isnt that bad