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    Free Hosting: 200MB/2GB/CPanel/Fantastico/SiteBuilder/NoAds - Websites Network

    As a thought.. your hosting plan looks perfect for what im after.. as a standard i always have a text link to my webhost in the footer that appears on everypage of the websites.. I was wondering if in the furture i could possibly upgrade the account.. but i imagine that wont be for a long...
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    3 to 5 GB Webspace & 30 to 500 Gb Bandwidth Required

    he nmust be new to website making.. as all newbs ask for huge amounts or bw and space and they just dont need it.. my blog only uses 9mb and most of that is from images.. my db is like 2mb lol.. i guess he wont know about optimising either but stil
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    100mb space,2gb bandwidth, fantasico, no ads..you get linkback on everypage from site

    Hello. I'm looking for some hosting for the specs as above.. 100mb webspace 2gb bandwidth no adverts no posting ftp access use of own domain My site is www.blog2life.co.uk Its currently down but it is a small extablished site based on building, designing and developing your own...
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    Ops Host Grand Opening! Ad-Free cPanel Hosting!

    wow... CNLucas your back! i've been on your hosting in the past and its always been good! can i apply for you lowest package :D
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    Do you like my template for a new worpdress skin

    can move this thread to the review my webdeisgn forum thanks jamie
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    Do you like my template for a new worpdress skin

    Thanks! I'm glad i got some good fedback.. anything u think i can improve on it?
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    Do you like my template for a new worpdress skin

    Here is the image, any feedback is welcome. Im just trying to see what you guys think before i code it. Jamie
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    You opinions on my new modified WP skin

    Site name: Incoming Sound Url: www.incomingsound.co.uk Topic: New dance and house music If you can review my site here's the main things I'd like to get your opinions on: * Site Layout * The logo * Other graphics featured * The ease of navigation * Anything else...
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    Best Ad Revenue Programs - Look Here First!

    http://www.auctionads.com/ This is really great if you read the blog entries on optimisation.. i made $11.40 from them in about 2 weeks from 5 transactions my highest 2 being $3.69 and $6+ Highly customisable for your site and they monetise well if you get it right. I'm currently using...
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    Looking for new hosting for my PR2 Dance music website

    Hello, after months of hassle free hosting from my last host the site seems to have gone down and its been that way for 24hrs now. My Site: www.incomingsound.co.uk Its a website based on dance music which i have been trying to set up since december. Just recently with a surge of new dance tunes...
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    Dee Web Hosting

    much better :d
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    Dee Web Hosting

    As mentioned, with any text box dont have dark scanlines as the bg unless they fade off at the top of the box before they meet the text. And as for the boring font, try this (its the css for the font): font: 11px "Lucida Sans Unicode", "Lucida Sans", verdana, arial, helvetica;
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    Review my radio site PLEASE!

    The site is looking good, it could be improved on tho. Try to give your sight the sence of a body.. it seems slightly scattered and the lines just stop. Another thing is with your buttons delete a 1px border on the layer with the scanlines, because i think your scanline layer is making the...
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    Very new gaming site!

    looks like an MFA... karlshare anyway
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    please review My spheres Community

    its too... contempory for me.. its the main logo with tghe slogan. The guy is sitting there on his comp... its not very vibrant i find it empty and slightly dull mahybe change that image for the logo. not sure what its going to be like but it need abit more colour to make it more vibrant and...
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    Please review my site.

    8/10 nice one!
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    What could I do better?

    why not write in your first language and link through with google translator, i think it exists and i hear its good. Also, if you host it yourself try to change the main logo, get someone to make you one to the specifics and then go to Presentation >> theme editor >> something.css (there is...
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    Review my new site design

    padding, make the containing div have between 7 and 12px of padding, then the text divs and image divs wont need altering. And there's something about that black and orange... I remember using that on one of my past website layouts, and later on i saw its not that nice.. maybe try the bg dark...
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    Stop Fraud Now Needs More Help!

    Brilliant webase project, this will bring tons of people wondering about whethere something is a fraud or not and hopefully save pppl the hastle and money of fraudsters! Well done guys!