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    fork fork :fork:
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    Hey Ben

    It's a step beyond NLC
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    I dislike the rich

    I dislike whiny pinkos.
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    That may be a new record.
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    Will mr Physics please stand up?

    I've found that time of day (or night) has much bearing on the subject, blank.
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    Oh my god

    Atlas looks sad :(
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    Down with Oprah Winfrey!!

    Yeah, down with Oprah. out.
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    Did you abuse any kids today, fws?

    Changing your profile picture to a cartoon is an empty gesture. I made a real difference by pledging to not abuse children until Monday December 6th. Heck, i'll even hold off till the new year.
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    I like you Ben. I also like innis and gunn. I promise if I come to atl I'll let you know. You can be my wingman.
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    Ben. Darknight. BV.

    i remember Daniel!
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    A man doesn't know what hapiness is until he's married. By then it's too late.
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    needy clingy people

    i dont think there is anything wrong with setting out some ground rules at the beginning of a relationship. It makes for a lot less hardship later on.
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    Do you turn a blind eye to starving children.

    Solving water and food security problems is much more important than giving out bags of rice and beans. Many people have heard the proverb: Believe it or not the same applies to farming. If we can manage to teach african villagers to plant and cultivate crops we can help them to attain a...
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    How a girl tries to know if you really love her

    Women require attention, and this thread is a case in point example. also That's a good word. I cant say it without sounding like the queen.
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    Take control of your life

    My glass is the wrong size
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    Growing Vegetables

    Fall rye also makes an excellent fallow crop. Very similar to oats. I love this time of year. All my favourite fruit and veggies are peaking. 0lbs of tree ripend peaches for $12. YUM
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    Nothin wrong with goin hoggin. Especially in La.
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    Smoked Salmon

    I share similar memory and I hold it very very close to my heart. Smoked Salmon is one of my most favorite and cherished (though seldom consumed) foods. Enjoy it stuffradio. It is a delicacy
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    Being racist

    I'm not racist. I have a color TV