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    Script it Up! — cPanel 11 | CloudLinux | ∞ SSD Space | 50 GB Traffic | Daily Backups

    Script it Up is a free web hosting provider with data centers in Madrid and Florida. We pride ourselves on friendly support, lightning-fast loading speeds, and superior uptime. cPanel Easily manage your website with the industry standard control panel. cPanel 11 lets your upload and edit files...
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    Free hosting request for portfolios

    You're welcome to sign up with Hostavo.com. I'm sure we'll be able to provide for your needs. We also do not place any advertisements on our sites.
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    new photobucket sucks

    Did you fix it? I don't see any streaks.
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    Hi Guys / Girls don't open this thread!

    I agree :) and welcome to the forum
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    What is your favorite car?

    If we're being unrealistic I would say a Lamborghini Revington :p
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    Colors of a web proxy?

    Maybe a dark blue or white. It really depends on the rest of your site though. If the container background is white then a dark blue would go good.
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    Regarding server ram it depends on how big the server is. For a twenty player server, 1.5 GB is plenty.
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    Looking for shared cpanel hosting

    Can you be more specific with the amount of space and bandwidth you're looking to use? I'm sure you don't want to pay too much for it especially if you won't use it :p
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    tech staff

    I usually find people who 1) I know are experienced 2) are reliable enough to manage my services.
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    5-day money back guarantee

    Some type of guarantee is always good but if anything it should be at least 10 days. The fact that they are providing 5 days is better than nothing.
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    Which post2host script to use for my free hosting ?

    Obviously WHMCS is better but it costs a lot of money. Its much less buggy, is more professional, and has more features. If you're on a budget then just use THT. It works perfectly fine and gets the job done.
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    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    We don't :p
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    new design for my website:)

    He probably isn't a bot but someone who tried to simply share his site but realized he didn't have enough posts to share links.
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    Which service provides best free web hosting?

    Before we can recommend you a free host you're going to need to be more specific about what you're looking for. Is your site going to be big, small, does the host have to have a certain uptime? etc.
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    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    Although rare, sometimes a free host is just as reliable as a paid one. So it all depends really on your needs.
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    500GB Bandwidth, 5GB Webspace, PHP, MySQL, Control Panel, Instant Activation

    You should be more specific so the webmaster can help you. What specific problem are you experiencing? Are there any error messages?