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    Opera 10.5 Alpha

    I have to give it to Opera, its much better than previous releases. However, it just doesnt have the flexibility or speed of Chrome in my opinion..
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    Just recently noticed this

    Tsk Tsk, misinformation, his situation wouldnt change unless he chose too. He doesnt have to change his plan as per the HCB that went through congress..
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    If you are 30, or older, you might think this is hilarious!

    Oh gawd those were the days, wait lets see how old some of us really are..remember this one? or this one? Oh god im gettin freakin old lol..
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    Just recently noticed this

    Even when i was single there was no way i could afford to live of that low of income, what if you want to purchase a car, or anything worth value, that wont happen on minimum wage..
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    It has decent purposes depending on what your ad is targeted too. However its no replacement for Craigslist..
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    Just recently noticed this

    Yes, the minimum wage in the US should be increased. It think its pitiful that we expect anyone to make a living on 7.25 an hour. We need a COLA adjustment as well as a major push for a living wage without big business ripping off our laborers..
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    Free Shared Hosting Accounts For Non-Profit Organizations!

    iHost Worx Solutions Group, A leader in technology and web hosting services is proud to announce or free web hosting services for Non-Profit organizations. As a part of our commitment to give back the the communities we serve, we would like to provide the very people that are in the trenches...
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    Marketing Campaigns

    My partner and i have been discussing various marketing techniques to promote our hosting services, in the past we have deployed both telephone and email campaigns. We had far more success in gaining new clients within our telemarketing campaigns and fairly mixed results with our email campaign...
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    Google ISP is coming to Madison, WI--wait, WHAT?!

    Ahh that just plain sucks, i was hoping for more options in the ISP field, here in Denver you either have Qwest or Comcast both are far overpriced to say the least..
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    Best Free Forum Software

    smf latest release is pretty damn good if you ask me, ive come to like it :D
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    Google ISP is coming to Madison, WI--wait, WHAT?!

    Topeka, Kansas believe it or not, i think it's only for the month of march, but still cheesy either way lol.. The US is soooo far behind the rest of the world in terms of HSI speeds being offered, we are still oooooing over 20mbps lol..
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    fasterhost.tk homepge

    Place the drives in RAID when building the rack one would hope..at any rate, looks fine to me, a bit simplistic but i often like simple..
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    It's simply impossible to know who your clients currently do business with or will do business with in the future. I believe its a bit short sighted to block a certain range of IP addresses, simply because they are from a certain region. If the firewall is blocking ip addresses for your site...
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    If you have clients that do business with or have visitors from China they will no longer be able to access your clients website. I guess im saying that what you ban at the server level will be also banned at your clients level, which means no access if they in fact do have visitors from China..
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    3 weeks to spring forward

    It does suck that i am loosing a precious hour of sleep, but i digress..does anyone know the explanation of why we spring forward, fall back etc?
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    You will see a number of reports on ips from China, however i agree with the poster above, if you ban all Chinese IP addresses this not only affects you but your clients as well. I respect you for wanting to take a proactive approach to security, but in this case i just simply would not do it..
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    Need small reseller hosting

    If you are willing to increase your budget a bit, i would be able to post an doffer for you. However, the budget that you posted will be eaten up by processor fees mostly.
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    Google ISP is coming to Madison, WI--wait, WHAT?!

    Folk have been going crazy attempting to get Googles attention for this network, didn't topeka rename themselves for a month or something along those lines?
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    The only recommendation that i have for anyone thinking about venturing into the industry, i would say start locally. This has worked extremely well for us.
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    Rip VHS to DVD

    The cheapest route would probably be to get a tv tuner card, and then rip that feed..