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    Please review my Flash tutorials website

    Hi, I have been spending a lot of time to prepare and maintain this Flash ActionScript and Flash animation tutorials website: http://www.FlashWonderland.com Please visit the site and feel free to comment. Thanks! Alex
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    Frustrated in Improving PR after Few Years Hard Working

    Hi, I have been spending a lot of time and money in the past few years trying to improve the Pagerank of my websites. However all the money and time are totally wasted. The Pagerank of all websites in the past few years remains unchanged, still PR2 or PR1. 1. I bought a lot of backlinks...
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    how and where do you find your partner?

    Hi, I never heard about reachjunction before. I mainly use Google AdSense to make money with my websites. I have been trying many ways to make more money with my websites. However Google AdSense seems the best and reliable.
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    MyGreatName.com - Hosting Plan From $7.95 Per Year Only

    MyGreatName.com Web Hosting MyGreatName.com providing affordable web hosting since 2000. All linux web hosting plans support PHP and MySQL databases. cPanel control panel will be provided for all web hosting plans that allows you to master your web hosting account with ease. Reliable web...
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    Dot.TK Now offers Free DNS!?!

    Hello, Actually I also tried to register a .tk domain some months ago but fail. The problem is the "Type the characters you see in this picture". The picture never shown. Therefore I cannot enter the characters to continue the registration process. I submit a ticket to them. They...
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    Google Adsense

    Hi, I am afraid that AdSense has a formula to determine invalid clicks, fraud clicks and disable accounts. Best regards Alex
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    Question regarding my domain name.

    Hello, If you are using Apache server, I think it can be done through the configuration file. It can be configured either index.html, index.htm, index.php, home.html, or may be home or page 1 as the home page. Best regards Alex
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    domain reseller

    Hello, The following offer $7.25 domains reseller account. They only require $30.00 (may be less) for initial deposit to start registering domains. http://KeepGrow.com
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    Personal Website review

    Hello, Very good design! The only comments are: 1. Pop-up. (I don't care because my browsers block all pop-ups) 2. The frame at the upper. I do not like frame.
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    Xmas 50% Off - Flash Demos for Hosting and Domain

    Hello, Xmas Special 50% OFF AnyDemo.com is now offering 50% OFF on all flash demos up to December 25, 2005. Just Enter Promotion Coupon merryxmas in the order page. Order Page: http://anydemo.com/price-list.html Please take a look at our Flash Demos at...
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    Affordable Flash Demos for Hosting and Domain - Customizable and Multi-Languages Supp

    Hello, AnyDemo.com is offering unique and high quality flash demos for hosting and domain companies. Some demos are now offering great discount up to 50% off the normal price. Here's some of the unique features of our flash demos: Customizable Wordings The wordings of the demos can be...
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    Request Web Hosting Account with ClientExec

    Shouvik, Thanks for your free offer. I already applied the hosting through your Contact Us link. Thanks
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    Anyone using Mambo?

    Hello, What is the official website of Mambo? I would like to learn more about Mambo.
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    Domain Suggestions

    Hello, Your hosting is really too slow. I tried a few times to login. However I waited for more than three minutes for each login but still waiting........
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    Need Cheap/Reliable VPS HOST

    Hello all, Your prices are very reasonable. I may look for a VPS for my flash demos website early next year.
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    Request Web Hosting Account with ClientExec

    Hello, I want to prepare some flash tutorials for ClientExec billing system. I am looking for someone who can provide me a free web hosting account with ClientExec. I will provide you the ClientExec flash tutorials for free when finish. Thanks and best regards
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    << Free Domains - Hurrey! >>

    Hello, It seems that .be is not free any more... It shows "Not Free" now..
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    Affordable Flash Demos for Web Hosting and Domain Control Panels

    Hello, AnyDemo.com has been offering affordable, unique and good quality flash demos for web hosting and domain business. Our flash demos include cPanel control panel, DirectAdmin control panel and eNom domain control panel. Here's some of the unique features of our flash demos...
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    is flashget a virus?

    Hi, Actually many anti-adwares / anti-spywares freewares or sharewares are adwares / spywares. I use a foolish method to clean them. I format and re-install my hard disk about every three months. Whenever I need online credit card purchase, I have to format my hard disk first.
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    excel 2003

    Hello, If you use it very often, you may write a simple macro: Sub date_now() ActiveCell.Value = DateValue(Now) End Sub Then assign the above macro to a new menu item or sub-menu in the menu bar. Or assign the above macro to a new tool icon in the tool bar. Then you can simply...