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  1. Soeli

    Free image hosting

    Perfect! I love the fact that its 20MB single file size!
  2. Soeli

    Who remembers the old days?

    What are this old days that people keep talking about? They seem pretty nice..haha. I want in too!
  3. Soeli

    PC Not Recognizing USB Drive in My Computer

    It could be a faulty cable? It could also be that you have to many USB devices drawing power from the bus. There is a set amount of bandwidth and power frovision over USB and this is shared over all devices, not just per device. USB external hard drives (usually 2.5 inch variety) can sometimes...
  4. Soeli

    Getting Backlinks

    This is actually a good question, perhaps even one of the most relevant question every SEO in the world wants an answer to! My thoughts are that you have a few options, or you can combine all of these into one master strategy. I would say; create useful, original content that answers the...
  5. Soeli

    Are there good PayPal alternatives available for personal payments?

    Hi guys. Quick question; I would like to receive a payment for an item I am selling online (not via eBay) and I do not use PayPal. Are there any alternatives, other than Amazon's payment system that are low cost? PayPal will cost me $20 just to receive a payment and so i was wondering if...
  6. Soeli

    What is the difference between micro-blogging and blogging??

    I was recently reading an article and i came across the term microblogging. Does anyone here know the similarities or maybe the difference between micro-blogging and the normal blogging. This is a new term to me..and i thought it was quite interesting.
  7. Soeli

    Tapatalk has been updated

    Great! Thanks for getting back to me!
  8. Soeli

    What do you use the most for using internet, Mobile or Laptop?

    My perspective is that i personally find it pretty hard to do any work on a phone given that it requires undivided attention. I feel like at the end of the day, although there’ve been tons of apps developed for phones, one still cannot look the other way on the superior computing power of an...
  9. Soeli

    Lidl or aldi?

    As much as both are cheap outlets, there is a difference. Aldi carries a majority of own brands. 90% of an Aldi store is its own brands. There own brands are advertised as if it was an actual brand, but are owned by Aldi themselves. Lidl however, sells non-own brands, imported brands and own...
  10. Soeli

    Tapatalk has been updated

    Do you have an idea on how i could downgrade to the older version? The PC version?
  11. Soeli

    do you like animated movie ??

    I love animated movies!, i watch them with my daughter all the time, my favourites would have to be, Anomalisa, Mary and Max together with Grave of the fireflies.
  12. Soeli

    Best way for making money online

    There are quite a number of ways to generate an income online- Writing / Copywriting, Proofreading / Spell-checking / Text Editing, Data Entry, Affiliate Marketing (Promote products from Clickbank, Amazon, etc.), Selling Your Art, Craft, or Service Online, Become a Virtual Assistant (Online...
  13. Soeli

    which course will be better for me in computer education?

    Well if you plan to go into the technology world i.e Computer science, i would recommend three of them. C# - Object Oriented , Robust , Performance tuning Advanced java. However, if you wish to go forAndroid app development or web development Python- Very easy, stable language which in nearby...
  14. Soeli

    Secrets of Online Business Success

    I would say that the road to success is littered with holes and pitfalls. If you do not thread wisely and cautiously, sooner rather than later, you will find yourself at the bottom and wonder over and over again where did you go wrong. Build an audience first: It all starts with connecting. When...
  15. Soeli


    Hallo everyone! Thought i'd stop by and say hallo. I reckon that’s the right way to do things...right? Anway, glad to be here and looking forward to meaningful chit chats :)