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  1. hellsing

    My new MacBook Air

    Congrats with the new laptop. Have been eyeing Macbook Air for a long while. I'm pretty happy with my Toshiba though. I've got an Ultrabook. Very light. i7 also with 4GB RAM. 500GB hard disk. Like it I can carry it under my arm and not even know it's there.
  2. hellsing

    How To Hunt For The Best Web Hosting Sites?

    Agreed. A Forum is a good indication of how current and engaged the owner and staff are. How support requests are dealt with. But probably not for paid hosting. I don't see many paid hosts with Forums these days. What I like to do is to Google reviews and then once I've selected a short...
  3. hellsing

    Oh No!!! OH NO!

    Lucky number sarmth. You've been blessed for life at fws. ;)
  4. hellsing

    Do you have a smartphone?

    Just purchased my first Smart Phone. A Junior in its class Samsung Galaxy J5. It comes with a nifty camera though. 13 mega pixels. Second camera has 5. 1.5 GB memory and 8GB space. Still have to open it up though, and will wait a while first. Just so much to do these days and not enough...
  5. hellsing

    Batter Operating System...?

    I did some research and visited a local supplier and looks as though android is recommended as all of the applications are free. With Windows every now and then one finds one has to subscribe. It is more limited for phone than what android is. At the same time however it is more "tamed" than...
  6. hellsing

    What would you prefer paid or free hosting?

    Depends what you are using it for and the quality of the free host. If you are running your business on a Website with paid accounts, then I'd go for a paid host. There are of course paid hosts and paid hosts, so make sure it is a really reliable host when you use it for your business. Easy to...
  7. hellsing

    Web hosting directories list

    We had an excellent one at freewebspace.net. Really sorry it's not around any longer. When I first started with free hosting it was the directory I used to use. I could go in, select the parameters by ticking a very long list of filters. And always get some good results. Noticed it is...
  8. hellsing

    SMO Activity

    I'd do what is the easiest to do. Well not completely easy but get a dedicated Facebook page up and get a url from Facebook that is unique to your Website. Then make sure you feed it with regular quality content that gets audience to visit your Facebook page. Ditto with Twitter. Twitter is...
  9. hellsing

    Link building

    I'd be very careful with link building. Nothing can be more damaging for you than to get bad links. Google will penalize you for that and has a very long memory. Best links one gets is with building content first. Make sure you have quality content that engages and attracts quality audience...
  10. hellsing

    Is free hosting dying?

    There is definitely less free hosting around than before, and also of lesser quality. Most of it is "automatic". But it's not dead yet. Can't see it completely dying either. It's probably the best way to get the attention of those who need hosting. Particularly when they start the first...
  11. hellsing

    Free Web Hosting - Gigarank - cPanel - Softaculous - Sitebuilder - Wordpress

    Probably one of the best free hosts I know. The same excellent management as for Stonerocket. Indication of that at first glance is an active forum community with staff who are actively engaged and attending to support requests. You can check it out here...
  12. hellsing

    Hostgator! worst one!

    I've just worked through some WP tutorials all recommending Hostgator. So interesting to find this thread. Haha ... I guess the owners of those tutorials must be scoring something from Hostgator to flog Hostgator to the extent they are. I can't imagine any other Webhost so heavily involved in...
  13. hellsing

    tech staff

    I think it is difficult to keep tech staff. By the nature of their occupation they always have to be challenged to stay on top of their specialist fields so if things get too monotonous and they are not learning at the same clip, they'll soon move somewhere else. It's easy to find them though...
  14. hellsing

    Review my webcite echofreelance

    Excellent work. The quality of your photos and the general layout of the design is great. Think the only part I don't like is the font, but that is personal taste. If it had been me I'd have looked for a more friendly font. Not a fancy or curly font, but one with more unique lines. I'd also...
  15. hellsing

    Dead webhost?

    I've just read through 23 pages of a brand-new thread about Burstnet Closing Down in July. Looks as though there is a nasty sequel to the March/April event where the accounts that had been moved from Scranton in Philadelphia to North Carolina had been given notice and then at the same time...
  16. hellsing

    Video Editing Software

    I was looking for free Video Editing software too at one stage when I was making a video for uploading to YouTube. I had to search quite a bit and then found one that was not too bad: AVS Video Editor from AVS4you.com. I ended up paying for it, but I don't think it was necessary to pay as it...
  17. hellsing

    Which Mobile Brand Are Best ???

    I'm still with a very old-fashioned Nokia100. About 33 USD. I must say I prefer the older models of Nokia however. And it is probably going to be an enormous learning curve to jump to something like Apple or Samsung. Which I'll do when it is really necessary. I don't travel as much during...
  18. hellsing


    Wouldn't there be less spam however if there is much less activity in a Forum? Like I usually see more spam when a forum is much more active. The less traffic the less spam is attracted. I'm a moderator at a forum that is just about dead in the water and I've seen it going from quite a bit of...
  19. hellsing

    Upgrading / Migrating to other forum software

    I'd be a little worried about using Wordpress for a sophisticated project like FWS. As far as I can see WP is notorious for being a target for hackers. This seems to be the script hackers specialize in. Wordpress is also a pain when one moves from one version to another. Particularly when...
  20. hellsing

    List of cheap domain registrars

    Thanks for the advice about getting an own account. Didn't quite get to the bottom of how to do that and will check it out. I must admit I didn't try anything else on the Website except the domains. Probably need to wait to see what it will be like in one year too as I'm sure the huge...