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  1. Polykranopalous

    Link Exchange - HumourFilm.com

    HumourFilm.com HumourFilm is a video blog where I post funny videos of celebrities, pranks, spoofs etc etc, you know what I am talking about.... Anyways I am looking for sites of similiar nature that would like to trade links. Its a week old today averaging 267 uniques daily (by Analytics). If...
  2. Polykranopalous

    12 domains for sale

    i might take www.whatbrain.com, what are you asking? by the way i couldn't PM you i believe you have to have 50+ posts to be able to PM...?
  3. Polykranopalous

    Imagemain - For Sale

    how many images are hosted currently? how much space do they require? how much bandwidth does it require right now? can we see some stats?
  4. Polykranopalous

    Started an arcade site, customized layout - how is it?

    Alright I started an arcade site with one of them free turnkey scripts. I was just wondering your opinions on the header/top part because that's the part I really customized. I know there is a LARGE space on the right that is empty, but in the next few days I plan on adding a new feature there...
  5. Polykranopalous

    Custom templates! and other gfx work

    Yes the title explains a lot. But what might help is displaying some work youve done for people in the past
  6. Polykranopalous

    graphic site- get domain and database!

    did i miss something,....? What kind of site was gfxlegacy? It has forums already up or is it just a skin. Can we get proof of the database/what it is. I guess for proof you could take a screenshow of the phpadmin for it to show # of entries....
  7. Polykranopalous

    125 Unique Clicks for $1.00

    hmmm your thread title reads 100 uniques but in the thread the one dollar package is 125 uniques... which one is it?
  8. Polykranopalous

    Forum Poster for a WHM Reseller Account

    forum poster Hey, well I wouldn't mind helping out a forum get going by making posts. I am a member of this board, webhostingtalk.com, webmaster-talk.com, yaxay.com etc. What kind of forum is it for?
  9. Polykranopalous

    The Crown Temple Owns The United States

    Ya I never said she HAD ANY POWER, I stated she is "connected" with Canada.
  10. Polykranopalous

    The Crown Temple Owns The United States

    They mention a lot about the Queen of England, which is connected with CANADA, and has really no connection to the usa that i am aware. So you are ruled by a foreign power, I always thought they called it an economy.... Bud dont turn this myth into something where aliens attack us and millions...
  11. Polykranopalous

    [Swop] 80gig per month cpanel hosting for a domain for a year

    who is the hosting with? what are the other limits, how ftp accounts/emails etc
  12. Polykranopalous


    <<quote removed>> I must say that its a nice service and i love the interface, much cleaner and easier to find things then hotmails. I will definitly be using it for some secondary emails(only because i have contacts on messenger i talk to only in the messenger). And the uploading was pretty...
  13. Polykranopalous

    Please help me beta test my website

    I am thinking the same with utcrazy here, but I am also coming from a point of view of the internet has too much ---- going on, people are always on myspace which is pointless etc etc, anyways back to your site. It is a neat idea, but if you can't go on vacation without having to talk to...
  14. Polykranopalous

    "0pad.com" can mean what?

    0pad.com well 0 can equal NONE which could be said as NO, so NOpad.com and well if you were really drunk you would have a slight chance of saying notepad.com and that would be a killer domain for a notepadish site. You probably should ignore that little bit of nothing, just there to confuse our...
  15. Polykranopalous

    Need creative persons

    Added you to msn
  16. Polykranopalous

    Need creative persons

    So you just want us to come up with color schemes? Or design graphic layouts>?
  17. Polykranopalous

    Domain for sale

    Uhh yes it would goto XE.com and if we are doing .01 from Euro to AMerican it works out to be 0.0127785 USD and his bid was rounded up higher to .0127800 And I am going to bid £0.02... you should really maybe have started the bid at a decent number instead of having people like use going to big...
  18. Polykranopalous


    Nice! I like the idea... My ONLY suggestion is do not make the lines/text part the whole width of the screen, maybe make it 65-75% of the screens width and center it - making it more like a peice of paper or a notepad that someone would actually right in! But other then that nice and good luck...
  19. Polykranopalous

    Split trafic

    use a javascript that reads the servers time... or even in php i guess