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  1. holydevil

    Ok... I want to try something (negative rep)

    added 1 more -rep... have fun
  2. holydevil

    My newest site design - please review it

    Thank you all for your lovely comments, more views are welcomed would also like to know hows the proxy working overall, like the site loading time etc etc Thanx
  3. holydevil

    My newest site design - please review it

    thank you for your lovely comments, would like to hear some more reviews
  4. holydevil

    My newest site design - please review it

    Hi, i made a design for http://www.iprox.org.. would like love to hear some reviews from you'll. Thanks
  5. holydevil

    please help pic my new logo

    i would suggest u to make a new one, also please make the site design 1st after that it would be more easy for us to pickup the perfect logo for your site. While making the logo keep in mind that it should signify what your site is instead of just mixing shapes. For now just casualy i like #3
  6. holydevil

    opinion please

    good logo, looks simple and childish but something different is something unique. good try.
  7. holydevil

    USA Zip codes and statistics database March 2007 For SALE $10.95/- only

    For SALE is USA Zip codes and statistics database - Current Mar07 The record contains 65,000+ ZipCodes and 30+ fields US Zip codes, along with their statistical data such City, State, Area Code, Demographics, Latitude & Longitude, Time Zones, Elevation etc. Database can be provided in the...
  8. holydevil


    another gd design by Justin :) But only prob is it loads very slow for me. im on dialup to be frank no1 waits for 2min for the page to load. i would suggest if u want ur users to view ur design make it load fast like in 4-5sec max than only ull go gd. and ya make it a normal image show dont use...
  9. holydevil

    .IN domains for cheap!!!!!

    info 4 letters .in 2 letters and has meaning too like .us .it .be .cc .co.in is cheap 7$
  10. holydevil

    .IN domains for cheap!!!!!

    It is more than ur worth atlest. Btw .in sounds good and has a meaning too "IN" like .us "US" or .it "IT" . this kind of extension make good and ezy to remb domain
  11. holydevil

    .IN domains for cheap!!!!!

    saw another stuff similar https://registry.sify.com/home.php?home=main which has gd service?????
  12. holydevil

    .IN domains for cheap!!!!!

    hey ganesh did u find out the site offerin .in for 9.99$
  13. holydevil

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    ill be soon getting my own SSL certificate when i collect enoughmoney to buy it :beer:
  14. holydevil

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    yeah im using a shared SSL certificate with my host even if u dont use SSL u can browse Gmail or any other senstive site but its highly recomended that ppl should go through SSL thats why i asked my host to share his certificate with me :)
  15. holydevil

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

    damn where is my post btw and ya Justin try https://b...... instead of http for SSL
  16. holydevil

    SSL & NonSSL Proxy Supporting MySpace & Gmail

    www.bypasser.info is a free anonymous web proxy service which allows anyone in the world to surf anonymously, i.e. hiding your IP address. Using Bypasser.Info you can get past your school, college or workplace web filter system and surf anonymously. Support SSL Pages, i.e. pages that have...
  17. holydevil

    need a proxy designed and coded

    PMed u some of my works would like to help u
  18. holydevil

    Gmail Hacks Page

    yeah too many popups my firefox gave caution of it every 5 sec :(