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  1. alley

    Small sized Mp3 hosting with SSL?

    Hey guys, I looking for a place to host some small (4mb) sized mp3 files that I will be recording and uploading for a comedy project. I want to stream them (by direct link) in to my Proboards forum. The problem is that Proboards recently switched their forum hosting services over to ssl so it...
  2. alley

    Running older versions of php and mysql in cpanel?

    Hi guys, I want to install and test an old version of YaBBSE (php forum script) and I was wondering if there was a way to use older versions of mysql and pp in my shared hosting cpanel account to get this script working again? Here are the specs needed for the old script to ru: Recommended...
  3. alley

    phpbb 1.4.4

    Can somebody with programming knowledge please try to get this old version of phpBB working on today's php and mysql versions? It is nice and very light. less than 1mb unzipped. Currently when I try to install I am getting some error messages. it doesn't seem to want to edit the config file...
  4. alley

    WWHost.ga Free Hosting | SSL, cPanel, Softaculous

    Hi, When I try to sign up for a free hosting plan I get this error message: Posting Error, #923578257 (https://wwhost.ga/signup , wwhost.ga), Please contact support
  5. alley

    How to enable emoticons in TinyMCE? (php-nuke)

    I'm trying to figure out how to enable, and add emoticons to the TinyMCE editor in my phpNuke installation but it looks like I will have to edit php code somewhere to do it and I can't even figure out what file to edit? I checked in TinyMCE's "Plugins" folder and the "Emoticons" folder is...
  6. alley

    Dear Webmasters

    And look what Peo did to the FWS forum now ... lol I miss the old default VB theme.
  7. alley

    Whizzy CMS

    This is nothing short of amazing! I just found this the other day and it is an answer to my prayers. it is like the lightest weight cms I have ever seen that actually lets you add cms features to any html/css web template of your choice by just adding a few lines of code. (Whizzy Placeholders)...
  8. alley

    Hey Joe ... come back ... I need more scripts coded ...lol

    Hey Joe ... come back ... I need more scripts coded ...lol
  9. alley

    He probably got tired of me bugging him to make me scripts .. lol

    He probably got tired of me bugging him to make me scripts .. lol
  10. alley


    Hey all! I think I've been a member here since 2005? I still come by every now and then to have a look around. I still use free web hosting and will always I'm sure. Why?, because It's free for one! .. lol, and also because I have found some free hosts to be very reliable and offer good...
  11. alley

    How hard is it?

    Yeah, it's a free host, so I understand .. lol
  12. alley

    How hard is it?

    Well they won't allow you to change your sub domain so I pretty much can bet they would have a problem with you wanting to use your own domain. I should have did it on account creation, but I didn't own a domain then.
  13. alley

    How hard is it?

    :shame: :P How hard is it for a web host to change a free sub domain that a client chose on registration to allowing the client to use a top level domain of their own on their account?
  14. alley

    cgi host needed

    Hi guys, I am looking for a free hosting account with cgi and cgi-bin so that I can learn how to install cgi scripts like yaBB. Won't need much webspace/bandwidth because this account will just be used for testing/learning script installation :-)
  15. alley

    Looking for WordPress plugin developer

    I need someone who is familiar with creating WordPress plugins to develop a few unique plugins for me. If interested send me a PM with your experience/skills. I would like to own all rights to the plugins after development so that if I decide to sell them I would be legally able to do so. This...
  16. alley

    Well Hellooooo there! :P

    Well Hellooooo there! :P