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    Any good ssd shared hosting?

    https://www.stablehost.com/ comes to mind. Not pure SSD, but they do utilize SSD-Caching.
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    Looking For A File Host With These Specs

    Is the content you're going to upload legal in the US?
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    Is free hosting dying?

    Then you have had a better experience then I did in regards to the spam so kudos to you. Again you're saying company but the majority of these free hosts are unregistered. Most are sole proprietorships which is not a company. And again you're making the mistake of thinking that most of these...
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    Is free hosting dying?

    At $20-$30/month for a VPS with a cPanel license it's VERY easy to start a free host. Want to know why free website hosting is dying? 1) Obvious potential legal issues with allowing anonymous users onto your shared server. 2) Large hosting operations can be expensive. Free hosting has no...
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    Difference Between Free host and paid?

    This isn't 1999. Hardware has come a long way - and bandwidth is CHEAP. The only time the bold would apply is if you either overfill your nodes to an insane level or if you're on a reseller plan.
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    Looking for Partner

    You'll need to be more specific on what you're looking for. If you are fully funding the project then the partner likely won't have much if any say on how things are run. If you just want someone to help you out then my advice would be to wait until you can determine how much help you'll need...
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    PC Not Recognizing Damaged Hard Drive

    You can try running a Linux livecd and checking to see if it mounts on there. My advice? Send it to a data recovery professional. It will cost you some money, but the files should be recoverable.
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    Blesta CLient system

    Or he could be talking about all the other exploits WHMCS has had. You know? Like the one where you could download the database remotely from the admin area without even logging in -- on any host.
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    WHMCS Vs BoxBilling

    Better then Ubersmith which is in the ballpark of $500/month these days for any decent sized operation. If you don't think it's worth the money then don't buy it. TBH the colocation and IPAM modules in HostBill are worth more then $3500 for me.
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    WHMCS Vs BoxBilling

    I'm okay with the price changes. The way I see it they are a victim of their own success - exploding in popularity within the last year or two and struggling to keep up with the demand. Your billing system is an investment and a vital one at that - it will pay itself back over time. Without it...
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    WHMCS Vs BoxBilling

    WHMCS is not costly. It costs the same as a burger king meal for two people. I've been using HostBill for three years now with no issue. I wouldn't switch back to a garbage billing system like WHMCS again if you paid me to. All of the recent exploits plus the developers not caring at all when...
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    100% uptime

    Cloudflare does have downtime, both on the individual site level and the infrastructure level. It is not possible to have a 100% uptime - anywhere. Eventually something will happen to cause the site to go offline even if it's ten years down the road.
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    [RamNode] 40% OFF FOR LIFE! SSD & SSD-Cached VPS [KVM - OVZ - RAID10 - 1Gbps - E3]

    RamNode - High RAM, Low Price High Performance SSD and SSD-Cached VPSs LIMITED TIME OFFER - 40% OFF SSD-CACHED KVM FOR LIFE! USE CODE ckvm40 About Us RamNode LLC exists for one purpose: to provide affordable VPSs with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience as both clients and...
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    Do users here have something against Minecraft users?

    I really don't notice any issues at all with Minecraft and our attack filter just takes care of everything automatically. Still, if it's causing you that kind of workload, yeah - do what you need to do.
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    Do users here have something against Minecraft users?

    SSDs will completely remove any I/O bottleneck. Software RAID arrays (even RAID-10) simply cannot handle a node full of Minecraft servers, you'll need a hardware raid-10 array with BBU or NAND flash cache - and even then it can get iffy since a lot of these users toss backup plugins on their...
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    Elpis Host - Reliable Web Hosting | cPanel | Softaculous | CloudLinux | Litespeed

    Elpis Host uses the industry leading cPanel control panel to make getting your website online easier then ever. We also use CloudLinux to prevent a single website overloading our servers - this enables us to offer excellent uptime and stability to our clients. We also utilize Limestone Networks...
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    [RamNode] 15% OFF FOR LIFE! RAID10 SSD VPSs from $3.40/mo [1Gbps - E3 CPU - OpenVZ]

    RamNode - High RAM, Low Price - Unmanaged OpenVZ VPSs on RAID10 SSDs GET 15% OFF LIFETIME! USE CODE RN15OFF About Us RamNode exists for one purpose: to provide affordable VPSs with powerful features. Our years of hosting experience as both clients and providers have inspired us to...
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    The Equiline Foundation stealing money.

    Has he refunded you yet Sarmth? It's a shame they don't know what their own terms of service states:
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    Dedicated Server

    You may want to email these people for a sales quote - http://awknet.com/ and http://www.blockdos.net/
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    Hosting for Clientexec only

    Yes, ClientExec will work on shared hosting. I'm assuming you're going to be storing the database itself on it's own individual server (VPS/Dedicated)? If so, I may be able to offer you something - feel free to PM me.