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  1. fnixws

    Infinitie Networks - ANYBODY HOME???

    Hello, Anyone from Infinitie Networks around?? Check you support tickets please! I canceled my account in JUNE! Can someone actually cancel it and refund the last few transactions?
  2. fnixws

    Thinking About Getting This....

    Not bad for $250. A new Netbook will set you back at least the same, and id rather have that than a netbook. What do you need the optical drive for? Installing linux or windows? This can be done via USB stick. Otherwise, an external shouldnt set ya back more than $50...
  3. fnixws

    Mwzaf Free Web Hosting with 5 GB SP + 50 GB BW + CPANEL = NO ads + No post

    Nice removal of CPCs copyrights too...
  4. fnixws

    Vps needed - maximum budget us$ 5

    I googled $5 cpanel VPS and came up with this: http://forums.cpanel.net/f65/5-vps-blowout-99-9-uptime-semi-managed-50-off-copuon-inside-2-50-first-mo-128581.html Its posted in "Services from cPanel Partners" so they maybe reliable, but i dont know how easy it is for just any old company...
  5. fnixws

    Free reseller request

    And what do you offer in return for this free reseller?
  6. fnixws

    Man, I love ignorant people

    These viruses arent usually ON your computer. Usually, your password is aquired when you stupidly use your details to login to "view the pics from the awesome party". Then when you are offline, a bot logs your account quickly and spams your contacts with the same or similar message...
  7. fnixws

    Windows install, new GC.

    I really doubt its PSU related, If u can run the system for hours on the same PSU under Ubuntu, but the system fails to load Windows setup correctly, and freezes in the same place then its unlikely your PSU. Id be removing that graphics cars, and installing the OS with the on board only. If...
  8. fnixws

    Suitable Compensation ?

    Say you have an account with a host, and that host after a few months screws up and looses all your data. Do you think a 1 off discount of 15% off $7.95 is enough compensation for the loss of your data and 30+ hours work? Personally, i think the host should be at least offering several...
  9. fnixws

    Cheap laptop batteries

    On Ebay u can usually get brand new batteries for just about any laptop for around the $40 mark.
  10. fnixws

    Blah blah blah spinning wheel of death

    After upgrade i got nothing but a flashing folder on boot. Perfect they aint...
  11. fnixws

    A little rant and question

    Yer, im with Dynash, i think the rep- are probably more for your attitude rather than the fact you like ya macs. You seem to have the attitude that your better than a PC owner because you own a Mac, wich is certian to get under many people skin.
  12. fnixws

    Which user most looks like...

    Hmmm.. I gota say Jan on that1. Never seen a pic or anything, so why? Well Shes a Lady for a start, but with her being a Aussie Lady, shes probably got more balls than 90% of the guys here ;) Other than the Aussie Blokes that is ;) Wich user looks more like a former US president?
  13. fnixws

    Free Image Chats (Beta)

    Nice idea :)
  14. fnixws

    I have a Complaint

    By starting this thread, you have given them what they wanted, getting you fired up...
  15. fnixws

    Why you choose free hosting to make sites?

    Some people either cant afford, or have no way of accessing the standard payment methods. Some people dont want to pay for hosting just to experiment in web site making. And of course some just use free hosts because its harder to track who they are with no payment method and they just wanna do...
  16. fnixws

    TheHostingTool Back In Devlopment!

    They only seem to be able help people with simple issues like configuration problems unfortunatly.
  17. fnixws

    Need Feedback

    Looks good man, nothing obvious to complain about :)
  18. fnixws

    Santrex.net VPS Review 1 Month

    I just wanted to see this site that got too big for the vps ;)
  19. fnixws

    TheHostingTool Back In Devlopment!

    You need someone answering Qs in ya forum man, the staff themselves never seem to help with issues and theres a few people have the same problems with THT and no staff reply.
  20. fnixws

    Santrex.net VPS Review 1 Month

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