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  1. CAWUnited.com

    Free Lockerz.com Account

    Not really an ad since this isn't my site, and i'm not selling anything. But the site opens officially later this month, and you have to be invited to join. When you first sign up, there's a "catch PTZ" game that you play where you catch falling points to give you a starting amount of PTZ...
  2. CAWUnited.com

    Remote desktop P2

    MCT, You should be able to remote into your XP Media Center laptop without editing the registry at all. I'm using a XP MCE laptop and have enabled remote desktop. Just right click on My Computer, click on the Remote tab, and check "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer. As for...
  3. CAWUnited.com

    Sometimes I think people should film me

    That is fun.. ever thrown an Axe can into a camp fire? It's even more fun.. it makes a huge fireball. A friend threw a half full one in and everyone stood back. I was recording it with the vid camera on my phone. We heard a "tink" and we thought that was it and that it was really lame.. but...
  4. CAWUnited.com

    Thank you, Windows Update

    Just a little fyi.. if you delete the partition and put a linux partition on it, the windows cd will still be able to delete it and create it's own partition.. you don't need any third-party drivers or anything.
  5. CAWUnited.com

    How fast is your internet?

    15 mbit down / 2 mbit up Verizon FIOS I think it's $45 a month. It's the best internet service i've had.. and I've had Comcast cable, Verizon dsl, some other dsl service, and a T1.
  6. CAWUnited.com

    What Edition of Windows do you run?

    Cool, first one in the list for vista business. Here are all of the versions i use: Main PC: Vista Business, XP Professional, Windows Home Server Server 1: Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Laptop: XP Media Center Edition Spare PC: Windows 98 SE Spare PC 2: Windows XP Home...
  7. CAWUnited.com

    setup network

    Do you have a firewall on? A firewall can block your access to be seen on the network, especially Norton. Try turning off all firewalls if any are on to see if that's the problem.
  8. CAWUnited.com

    setup network

    That's not true.. If you don't have file and printer sharing turned on, the computer won't show up. I'll assume you're using Windows XP; what version is it (Home, Professional)?
  9. CAWUnited.com

    I am uber now! :)

    yeah.. i quoted it from somewhere else.. i didn't come up with that. lol haha
  10. CAWUnited.com

    Windows Load Bar takes forever

    that Windows Codename Longhorn bootscreen.. are you using style xp? Try getting rid of the custom boot screen.. i know that they sometimes screw up the boot process.
  11. CAWUnited.com

    I am uber now! :)

    That's my quote on Facebook, along with "Windows: a 32 bit shell for a 16 bit operating system, originally written for an 8 bit processor on a 4 bit bus by a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition!"
  12. CAWUnited.com

    anyone from Pennsylvania?

    i'm from PA, why do you ask?
  13. CAWUnited.com

    Install Linux on dvd-rw?

    why would it say missing ntldr when trying to boot linux? That's the windows bootloader. Did you try installing linux without a bootloader, and then making a grub boot floppy and manually booting with grub? that seems to work for me whenever i can't get linux to boot from the hdd.
  14. CAWUnited.com

    Trying to remember the name of a program

    Thanks for the suggestion bruce. I have installed it but there are some features that i wanted that it lacks. one being that in my program, if you typed google blah, it would search google for "blah" and many other scripts like that. I'll just keep trying to find it. I think the name of it...
  15. CAWUnited.com

    Trying to remember the name of a program

    bump.. still haven't figured it out
  16. CAWUnited.com

    Trying to remember the name of a program

    I had a program on my computer before i formatted. The name of it was one word, and it was for launching shortcuts easily. the default key combination was Windows Key + Spacebar, and it brought up this box that you type the name of the shortcut. I can't remember the name of it, and i want to...
  17. CAWUnited.com

    What is the best Clicksor or Google adsense ??

    Adsense is great as long as you follow the rules. I made over $4,000 in the year that I had them, until I took down my site. As long as you don't click your own ads or tell others to click them, you will be fine.
  18. CAWUnited.com

    What can I do ?

    true, but with that many unique visitors, most likely you will get some clicks
  19. CAWUnited.com

    Parse error...I don't see one.

    <form action="comments.php?action=add&id=<?= "$blog_id"; ?>" method="post" /> That line near the bottom, try taking out the "" around the $blog_id
  20. CAWUnited.com

    Your Age

    18 . . .