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    Hosting needed for Linux users.

    hi i have came up with a good idea to build a website for Linux users+Tablet laptop users. so people who have tablet pcs can get help and share tricks ideas and etc to run the linux/ubuntu etc in their tablet pc. right now there are few forums but i haven't found a dedicated site that...
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    Best CMS ?

    e107.org.. -- is what i am using right now.. very lite .. presetjunkie.com check it out..
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    hay guys check it out its nice. hosting.. http://maxout.4realhost.com/site just made it.. hope it stays like this forever
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    lets try it.. it looks promizzing.. will see. thanks 4com
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    Vimixx FREE 400mb quality hosting!!

    Sorry but we taking no more hosting applications, but visit again soon, and we might have some availabilities.
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    PhotoBlog/Travel/Tour Fun Site needs a host

    hi. i want to make a Photoblog/Gallery/Forum for a site that i am planing to make for people who travels so they can put their ideas/experience and photos on site its fun to know and share what diff parts of world looks like. site will be in English and fully maintain by me. what...
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    Photoblog Scripts

    anytime you need to find any script name and info try here http://www.hotscripts.com/PHP/Scripts_and_Programs/index.html also i don't think there is such thing as PhotoBlog script but just regular blog scripts are turned in to photo sites. wit some gallery mod may be. i am planing on making...
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    Indianlibra.com - Review my site

    there goes another site dump with banners. lolz 2 out of 10..
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    bands directory

    proboards sucks get free hosting and SMForum
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    Free collaboration script?

    PHPNUKE has some project module with forum as well it also shows how far ur project has progress etc. nice stuff. PHPNUKE is full blow at this point may be Joomla be cool too.
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    New Projects Partners needed!!

    well still i would need partners who like to do some work on site. but i will consider your offer
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    New Projects Partners needed!!

    hi yall thanks for taking time to read this topic. i am planing to create a big music website. i am not going to giveout all the details here b/c its kind of "TOP SECRET" project and i know that there are no site like the one i want. so here is what i am looking for 1] 1gb/5gb bandw...
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    Review my directory

    nice site need color and logo. also in options if you add which can tell surfers if the Free hosting is with conditions like Post to Host Banners Pop ups etc. would be nice. thats what will keeps your site standing diff than other directory. and users dont have to waste their time with each...
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    Please review my new directory

    agree with antispyware you want to keep it simple and fast. use like blue color and dark blue links. it would work out better use only 3 colors at most. and links must be dark.
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    need a good stable host for a fun link site. i want to create a link directory for Forums/Sites/Blogs etc.. there are so many sound community and portals as you can do Google and find out. so i can create a director + a little forum it would be great. ok so here is the deal i...
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    Free Reliable/ADFREE/Post Free Host needed!!

    creating website for a local religious student organization from college. college does provide hosting yet its nothing but some 20mbs. and its not helpful. looking for host with some fantastico so we can have full database style website. first thing DO NOT reply to this message if...
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    Sponsorships For Webhosting

    can i get a free hosting please tumble
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    False info posting + scams!!

    hi i love this website and all the contents. thanks for great service although i have a suggestion. to make to mod/admin since last few months there are many many free hosting provider people posting wrong info and short of cheating with members. i have seen lot of these post...
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    Check this out

    ok tell me how much this should cost http://img318.imageshack.us/my.php?image=uncutradiolj3.jpg :beer:
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    Review my Design Please!

    simple and elegant.