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  1. Pathetic

    Woot! I got Gmail!

    Haha, every forum I go to there's always a small group of posters that think they're elite because of their beta gmail accounts, and then a large group of people that get pissed off and attack the gmail-ists.
  2. Pathetic

    I'm on surpasshosting...

    As of now, I'm on Surpasshosting.com and they're dirt cheap, I'm just wondering if anyone else is on with them? I'm getting downtime randomly and random periods of EXTREME slowness... I always figured at the price I was paying, it was worth it. Does anyone else pay 6 dollars for rock-solid...
  3. Pathetic

    Invision Board Questions

    What does everyone here use for their forums (if you have one) I just got Invision installed right now at www.razzapplemagic.com/forum and I've heard from many sources that it's the best free board. I just couldn't justify spending near a hundred dollars for vB, does anyone have any other...
  4. Pathetic

    trouble trouble trouble with domains

    thankeez robert, i was having trouble contacting you guys. For some odd reason my email will accept all kinds of spam but a lot of people have trouble contacting me through that particular email. *shrug* I had tried the forums but the only way to get access to support is if you're a client. Hmm...
  5. Pathetic

    trouble trouble trouble with domains

    Well these are the contact addresses... Fax Service FAX: +61 (08) 6210 1430 Sales Department sales at myacen.com Emergencies emergency at myacen.com Billing Department billing at myacen.com Abuse Department abuse at myacen.com Careers careers at myacen.com I see none that would...
  6. Pathetic

    trouble trouble trouble with domains

    Ok... So it's been hell for me trying to change to a new host and I still don't really understand what I'm doing. I decided myacen was a bit pricey for me so I was going to move hosts and I asked myacen how I would move hosts and they gave me instructions, but then terminated my account. Now...
  7. Pathetic

    Looking for a Host...

    hmmm, those were some nice offers. anyone care to refer any hosts?
  8. Pathetic

    Looking for a Host...

    I was going to look through the other threads, but I'm short on time right now, so now to post my request. I've got 50 dollars to spend a month on a host for a church site which is going to be using a ton of bandwidth. I'm thinking around 30-40 gigs. I need PHP, CGI, all that good stuff, and...
  9. Pathetic

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

  10. Pathetic

    flash intro

    first time making a flash intro, i've been using flash for about a month now. i don't have my site down yet, i'm currently making it. it's pretty short. http://www.reinvention.net
  11. Pathetic

    a review for this

    hahaha, i do that all the time, i start a website, and i have no idea what the purpose is.
  12. Pathetic

    Corrs Direct V7 - your review please?

    under The Band, the yellow text is kinda hard to read, and it would be better if you could click the picture and it would enter teh site, as it does say Enter on it, nice site overall.
  13. Pathetic

    Review DRS

    there is too much white space, add a little... flair to the design.
  14. Pathetic

    120% pricematch?

    is anyone here hosted by them?
  15. Pathetic

    Holiday Special - Only $5 US

    do you guys support subdomains?
  16. Pathetic

    ThE LongesT ThreaD EveR

  17. Pathetic

    Building/Upgrading my Computer

    If they sell in wholesale, wouldnt that mean i'd have to buy in bulk?
  18. Pathetic

    Building/Upgrading my Computer

    arite, so i'm helping my friend build a computer, and i'm upgrading mine. my friend doesnt want to buy a computer, because building his own is a lot cheaper, so i'm looking for sites to get parts. i'm looking for super cheap and reliable. i've gone to a few local stores, but they just try to rip...
  19. Pathetic

    Trojian horse for remote control?

    if you disabled your anti-virus and firewall for your trojan, i'm guessing that would leave you open to other trojans. and that's not good.
  20. Pathetic

    instead of KaZaA

    www.zeropaid.com www.slyck.com both are filesharing with lots n lots of info