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  1. stu

    the return of stu

  2. stu

    the return of stu

    The :rockon: and :coolmusic: smileys no longer work here. Darn :(
  3. stu


    stu lives!!! o_O how's everyone doing?
  4. stu


    hi my name is stu :coolmusic
  5. stu

    the return of stu

    happy 2011!!!! :coolmusic:coolmusic:coolmusic
  6. stu

    Most Important person in Life??

    stu is the greatest person in the universe.
  7. stu

    the return of stu

    :coolmusic wow, it's been 10 years since this board opened.
  8. stu

    the return of stu

  9. stu

    Where do you work ? What do you do ?

    I work weeknights as an exotic dancer. During the day, I man the grill over at Fat Burger. :ninja:
  10. stu

    the return of stu

    (__o__) :coolmusic:coolmusic:coolmusic
  11. stu

    Insane curve or error in my grades, either way I will take it.

    just remember that engineers rule the world!!!
  12. stu

    You Joined FWS Becuase...

    wow. i think i found this place in 1997. ten years ago. fresh out of school, with no job, looking to make money off the net by hosting webpages on free hosts. and damn, i'm old now. time flies...
  13. stu

    Name For My New Band

  14. stu

    300th Post!

    ------------------------------------------------- :rolleyes: yet another useless post count thread :rolleyes: ------------------------------------------------- sorry guys, i'm late... been busy preparing my move to Seattle. yes i'm gonna be an american :evilb:
  15. stu

    How many hours per week do you work?

    ~60 a week. which is probably why I have so little time to visit you guys.
  16. stu

    Why Ford is losing money

    both versions look like crap
  17. stu

    This time I'm not crying. it's a question

    it's good to be bad ;)
  18. stu

    American Pie: Naked Mile

    haven't seen the new ones, but stifler has always been my favorite character. i think they created that character after me ;)
  19. stu

    What Kind of Car do you drive?

    stu's car: except mine is silver.