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  1. PHPMan

    wanted: under 1 meg of space, gig or less of xfer, php, mysql

    Spaceports With spaceports you put the banner where you want on the cgi-bin (where all your php files go)
  2. PHPMan

    wanted: under 1 meg of space, gig or less of xfer, php, mysql

    3 choices Tripod UK - http://www.tripod.co.uk Spaceports - http://www.spaceports.com Cool Free Pages - http://www.coolfreepages.com
  3. PHPMan

    looking for a host

    Free Prohosting Free Prohosting - http://free.prohosting.com --------------------------------------------------- -50MB -FTP -CGI(No SendMail) -Unmetered Bandwith -Inline Banner or Popup
  4. PHPMan

    Screen Shot Of Layout

    :( Well I tried. I think I should stay back where I belong doing php scripts :). Thanks all!
  5. PHPMan

    need help with a script im writing.

    ..... ......You don't run the script on your server.. You upload it to the server your gona run things from.
  6. PHPMan

    need help with a script im writing.

    tsk tsk tsk.. You all think to hard :) . Look at this <?php $apache = getallheaders() or die("Apache Is Not Running or PHP Is Not Installed As A Mod."); $mysql = mysql_connect("localhost", "mysql_user", "mysql_password") or die("There Is No MySQL or You Have Login Details Incorrect")...
  7. PHPMan

    Wadaya think?

    @ Ben I use: Mozilla 1.0 (Build: 20020530) Win98 The site comes up just fine. I think you might want to update your version of Mozilla.
  8. PHPMan

    grrr - html prob

  9. PHPMan

    Hey, please review my two sites

    Another nice site Well done again. One thing, where it says "enter | 800x600 | Internet Explorer" on your personal site it should be "enter | 800x600 | Internet Explorer | Mozilla" :D
  10. PHPMan

    Hey, please review my two sites

    Nice The personal site is good, but the poe is a no go cause it no load!
  11. PHPMan

    Screen Shot Of Layout

    ..ok... Then how about brown....lol
  12. PHPMan

    ::.. Review it ..::

    Good Nice Site! I give it a 10!
  13. PHPMan

    Question to you all :)

    1 more thing Emocons: :) :( ;) :D
  14. PHPMan

    Screen Shot Of Layout

    I just got done making this layout and I didn't want to upload all the images and the html page so I just took a SS. http://members.tripod.co.uk/phpman/images/screen-shot.gif Tell me if you like it. If ya don't tell me to. Thanks All.
  15. PHPMan

    mySQL: how to use/setup

    Jim 2 Words! Tripod UK! They have php and mysql already installed and ready to use. Or you can use spaceports. What BB are you trying to install because only vbulletin will work on tripod.
  16. PHPMan

    learning php

    LoL! I'm not a tutorial I'm just a new experence. If you want real time help download mIRC and go to #php on dal.net(You can also use the java base client at dal, but I think it suxs) type /join #php to go to the channel. I hang out in there sometimes and help newbs!
  17. PHPMan

    Rate My Layout #2!

    OMG IS IT POSSIBLE! Someone said they like it! I think I'm gona die... Hehe I really need to pull myself together today. Had to alittle to much of good old "Mr. Coffee Bean." Yeah I'll work on it some more... Also it's only 30kb... I could use jpg to make it smaller, but I used png so it...
  18. PHPMan

    Hosting Groundz's Ads

    Sorry! I also deleted both of the posts.:D
  19. PHPMan

    Help. Php+ftp+unix

    Free Prohosting I think http://free.prohosting.com = Unix
  20. PHPMan

    PHP, MySQL, CGI, SendMail,

    Mail() Mail() function = Same as sendmail except in php!