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  1. aphel aura

    Custom hosting request for auxilliary image hosting

    I am looking for a hosting package that I will use as an image server for my main website hosted elsewhere. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENT CAREFULLY. Requirement:- - 500MB -1GB space. - Up to 5GB (more is OK too) transfer bandwidth. - .htaccess control so that I can prevent directory listing. -...
  2. aphel aura

    Do you prefer EU/UK or USA based hosting?

    I prefer hosting in US (mainly because many of my visitors come from there - 20%) or EU (collectively, 55% of my visitors comes from European countries).
  3. aphel aura

    Review of TopQHost (after a little over a month)

    Those two sites are hosted there already. I'm talking about the arts in both of them.
  4. aphel aura

    Review of TopQHost (after a little over a month)

    The blog, no. The site, yes.
  5. aphel aura

    Review of TopQHost (after a little over a month)

    After I posted my request at http://www.freewebspace.net/forums/showthread.php?t=2218592, I then moved my websites from my local webhosting provider (they have good support, but their upstream provider is poor, causing some of my wordpress plugins to not work correctly) to TopQHost -...
  6. aphel aura

    Request hosting that has a unique domain name-related requirement

    Successfully moved my website to TopQHost virtually without downtime as I only have to change my DNS records to point to their servers after they performed website migration. Good job there TopQHost!
  7. aphel aura

    Request hosting that has a unique domain name-related requirement

    My current cPanel-based host allows me to use external DNS server for hosting. All I do is to point the A records to their server. The ability to use my own DNS server (actually, it's Enom's) is mandatory. This is very important because Microsoft likes to pound the DNS server very often for...
  8. aphel aura

    Request hosting that has a unique domain name-related requirement

    My requirement:- - Hosted somewhere in US or Europe. Preferably the former. - Between 500MB - 1GB space. Transfer at least 20GB per month. - cPanel control panel. Better if you can transfer my current cPanel hosting to your server for free. - PHP5.x with allow_url_fopen turned ON...
  9. aphel aura

    dns domain

    Login to your afraid.org account, go to Registry at the left-side menu, find any domain you want to make a subdomain off, and you can make a new one.
  10. aphel aura

    Mx Hosting [split]

    How about making an MX record to your IP address? First, make an A record that look like the one below:- mail.yourdomain.com A <your IP address> then make an approriate MX record for your domain.... yourdomain.com IN MX mail.yourdomain.com
  11. aphel aura

    IPB Portal

    There is a trial version, which I believed is full-featured and free. Wasn't available anymore though.
  12. aphel aura

    tyZon : Japanese anime and manga resources

    Yes, it was very well done. From splash page to the forum. :)
  13. aphel aura

    please tell me what do you think about my new index

    Flash intro that can't be skipped without an alternative links is a sin. You should put a link somewhere in your index page so that visitors who has disabled Flash will be able to enter your website.
  14. aphel aura

    Switching HDD

    Currently my computer primary HDD is 10GB and it runs out of space fast. So I get myself a new HDD with 80GB capacity just yesterday. Currently:- Primary master - 10GB HDD Primary Slave - 80GB HDD What I want to ask is, it is possible for me to use Norton Ghost (or any other equivalent...
  15. aphel aura

    How fast is your connection?

    The test site mentioned above is already down :(
  16. aphel aura

    question about gmail invites...

    Maybe 6 months ago, but not now.
  17. aphel aura

    DVD Player / Burner

    You will have problems playing Video DVD with your CPU, but I think you should have no problem burning data DVD.
  18. aphel aura

    Check my site and tell me whats wrong?

    1. Better font? Looks like Times New Roman here, or I don't have your font. 2. Too little content. Don't actually sees any banner, because of Proxomitron :) so no comment there.
  19. aphel aura

    What do you feel about Google Toolbar?

    I use it extensively and the only thing that keeps me with IE. Of course you can also search with Google with Opera and Gecko browsers, but they did not allow me to; for example, searching for images or newsgroup postings from the URL field bar. Like in Opera, typing g keyword will only search...
  20. aphel aura

    Hosting with mySQL/Fantastico/Cpanel

    Yes, he/she can use the Fantastico-created database for other scripts, but he/she has to install the scripts manually. The strength of Fantastico is the ability to install web applications like phpBB or phpwcms or Mambo Open Source with a click of a mouse. Well, unless you want him/her to do...