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  1. GregT


    rawr :o
  2. GregT

    Dude, where's my Dog Sled?

    People like that are of no use to the world. They IMHO should be exterminated.
  3. GregT

    Who listens to Mandarin music?

    None, I've never even heard of it.
  4. GregT

    can you access this site?

    Works for me.
  5. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    Where do I say that? You might try reading my posts and actually try to UNDERSTAND what I'm saying. :rolleyes2 I'm just saying that if it's lossy then it's NOT and CAN'T be considered cd-quality. Saying that 96kb/s or even 320kb/s is cd-quality is pure bullshit. I couldn't care less...
  6. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    Judgement perhaps, but it doesn't change the FACT it's NOT cd-quality!
  7. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    Too bad that doesn't matter. If it's a lossy format, it's automatically NOT cd-quality. Your ears don't make difference, it's the actual file.
  8. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    True. But, that don't change the fact that it ISN'T cd-quality sound.
  9. GregT

    What if the FAA banned all commercial Airline travel?

    That's great! :biggrin2: I agree with NetMaster though, if they banned commercial Airline travel, you wouldn't be flying. ;)
  10. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    If that's what you want to call it. ;)
  11. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    - edit - Removed as Wojtek decided to delete his post.
  12. GregT

    Uk Friend

    He thinks the british accent is sexy, so I guess that's why he wants a uk friend...
  13. GregT

    Dead MP3 Player

    It's quite simple, if you're using a lossy format it is most certainly NOT CD quality, even if your ears can't tell the difference. The only way to get CD quality sound is to use FLAC, SHN, WAV, or another lossless format. Using a high quality VBR, I can can get close to cd quality with MY...
  14. GregT

    Uk Friend

    I have to feeling amaro is looking for a gay partner.
  15. GregT

    What a pussy

    Yes. Maybe they'll think twice before doing stupid shit.
  16. GregT

    New Laptop

    How's the battery life? 1.5hours?
  17. GregT

    Best BitTorrent Client

    jmiller: There's TONS of legal stuff available. I use Azureus.
  18. GregT

    System Properties, What's In Yours?

    To annoy others.
  19. GregT


    wget can somewhat do this by following links and building a copy of the site.