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  1. FileStorage.at

    Review our Website

    Yeah, I am also having trouble with the SSL certificate and when I click Cloud Sites or Cloud Servers it brings me to a 404 page.
  2. FileStorage.at

    Compare and review Free File Hosting Sites

    FileStorage.at is a searchable database of Free File Hosting, Video/Image hosting sites and Cloud Storage. You can search by many features, including storage space, file size, hotlinking, encryption, hosting country, and many more. We also have a section for affiliates, to find the top paying...
  3. FileStorage.at

    Free File Hosting Sites, Image/Video Sharing, and Cloud Storage Resources

    FileStorage.at Free File Hosting Directory Need to share files online? Search and compare Free File Hosting Sites, Cloud Backup, and other File Storage resources. Recently updated with tools for downloading, uploading, and web scripts for starting your own file, video, or image hosting website...
  4. FileStorage.at


    The order of the menu looks fine. The carousel/slider takes up the whole page, perhaps you could consider reducing the size or putting more content there instead of just images.
  5. FileStorage.at

    please review my website

    Is this an old thread? It's just coming up as a landing page for me.
  6. FileStorage.at


    Hey guys, welcome to FWS.net!
  7. FileStorage.at

    Free Image Hosting

    I'd like to add your site to the Image Hosting section of my directory. What is the max file size, total storage space, and how long are the images stored for? Also, several times when I visited the site I was redirected to another advertising page without performing any action.
  8. FileStorage.at

    McAfee Security Center

    Avira has some of the best detection rates for a free AV, Kaspersky and BitDefender are good for paid products.
  9. FileStorage.at

    Where Can I get Minecraft servers?

    I would go with a more well known host, and as Calvin said you want to check the reviews also. Here is a good starting point for comparing hosts: http://www.bestminecrafthosts.com/category/approved/
  10. FileStorage.at

    Web hosting directories list

    I operate a directory of file hosts and cloud storage at http://www.filestorage.at
  11. FileStorage.at

    Looking for an AWESOME CMS. Help!

    Yeah, though it's the generic answer Wordpress is a very mature product and offers stability, tons of themes, plugins, and customizability. Some plugins you may want to consider: https://wordpress.org/plugins/youtube-embed-plus/ https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-responsive-video-embedder/...
  12. FileStorage.at

    Do you have a smartphone?

    No, but I do have a valid reason. I've used computers for over 15 years, and I'm a big nerd and technofile. Lately though, I've realized just how much the internet has taken over my life, and affected me in many negative ways. This includes socially; my generation doesn't know how to interact...
  13. FileStorage.at

    Free file hosting reviews & comparison

    Hey, I operate a directory of free file hosting at http://www.filestorage.at There are sections for file hosting, cloud backups, image, and video hosting. Affiliate programs are also included. You can review hosts, and search by file size, storage space, retention time, country, site age, and...
  14. FileStorage.at

    5 Best Pc games according to you?

    1. Duke Nukem 3D - My first multiplayer FPS. Duke is a total badass. Still play this one on steam, much nostalgia. 2. Age of Empires. Played this since 1999, pissed off the 'rents many times tying up the phone line. 3. Quake 3. Instagib railgun is too much fun. King of the arena shooters...
  15. FileStorage.at

    Post 2 Host Question

    What is the point of Post 2 Host hosting? Is it for ad impressions on the forums? I wouldn't think the discussions would be very engaging.
  16. FileStorage.at

    Best FTP program

    Agreed, I switched from FZ to winSCP and never looked back. The interface is better, but one of the main reasons was that FileZilla does not encrypt usernames and passwords whereas SCP does.
  17. FileStorage.at

    Best Email Service ?

    It's not free, but runbox.com is what I've been using for the past year or so. I used a special promotion and got the mini plan 2 years for $35 and use my domain name. I used to use Google for everything, but recently decided to go more privacy oriented. The service is hosted offshore in Norway...
  18. FileStorage.at

    Hello everybody

    Hey, my name is Andrew and I'm new to the FWS community. Some of my interests include networking, gaming, virtual reality, and online privacy. I'm currently developing a free file hosting directory at FileStorage.at, which I hope will be a valuable resource to members here. I'm looking forward...