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  1. Yahpoolerz

    Selling Some Premium Domain Names for Cheap

    Domains will be transferred within the same registrar they came from and cannot be moved to another registrar for 60 days but can be transferred within the same one they are registered with. You can check any domain value by using the godaddy appraisal tool. Payment method is paypal only...
  2. Yahpoolerz

    Old member here from 2001. Looking for a cheap 4 gb ram deal for VPS

    Hello please let me know if any of you can offer me the following or consider coming close to what I need. OpenVZ CentOS VPS 4 gb ram 2 cores 80-100 GB SSD Space RAID-10 Unmanaged $45/year I may be able to go to 60 gb on the drive space, I just want to make sure I have enough for backups. I...
  3. Yahpoolerz

    Host1Plus.com - International Web Hosting with 24/7 Support | From $1.25/mo for up to 1 Year!

    Hello, just wanted to let you know that unlimited offers are against the rules.
  4. Yahpoolerz

    Host-Array | 600 gpbs/s Anti-DDos | EU / US | Shared Hosting

    Your offers are quite remarkable. I have chosen to go with a VPS for all my sites because I have found a great deal. But I wish you luck. DDoS protected webhosts are always the best way to go. Good luck!
  5. Yahpoolerz

    100mb Space, 500mb bandwidth with PHP & MySQL - WordPress

    I recommend buyshared. Because it's SSD and gives you a dedicated ip address for free. Also comes with softaculous and cpanel. Their cheapest plan is $5/year. I do not host with them or have a website with them but I have heard great things from their hosting. http://www.buyshared.com
  6. Yahpoolerz

    Is free hosting dying?

    I don't think free hosting is dying, but I believe consumers are after more a reliable product. It seems free hosts are becoming less reliable and not staying in business for long and I believe if you can get a good plan for $2/month then why wouldn't you go with that. That's my take on it.
  7. Yahpoolerz

    Lidl or aldi?

    Yeah Aldi is where I go but I've never heard of Lidl just like Peo has never heard of Aldi. Pretty interesting.
  8. Yahpoolerz

    Free Hosting Free Reseller hosting and cheap hosting

    You know what, I like you. Free reseller?? o_O It just doesn't get any better than that. Great offer.
  9. Yahpoolerz

    Requesting Cpanel Shared Host With DDoS Protection

    I have found several vps hosts who fit my budget for my main website. I still need a shared host for the other websites I plan on trying to make adsense money with. Thank you Luke Daniels. I will definitely check this out. Let me ask you, is there a i/o usage limit from cloudlinux on your...
  10. Yahpoolerz

    100+ Gbps Anti-DDoS Shared Hosting starting at €2.99/mo (cPanel)

    No problem. I sent you a message on both my request thread and your inbox. I will be purchasing this weekend.
  11. Yahpoolerz

    Requesting Cpanel Shared Host With DDoS Protection

    Hello, I have replied to your inbox message. Sounds good. So this plan for $100/year? (from your inbox message)
  12. Yahpoolerz

    Batter Operating System...?

    Android is definitely the best from most folks I hear say. I personally use iOS as I have an iPhone. Both are supposed to be very dependable.
  13. Yahpoolerz

    Requesting Cpanel Shared Host With DDoS Protection

    Hello, I am starting to make some money with adsense. I currently host a dedicated server with Host Pair. While the service is absolutely excellent, my website tends to get attacked on a regular basis because it holds the gaming genre and we don't need the resources yet. These are my...
  14. Yahpoolerz

    HostMada - Free cPanel Web Hosting ► Softaculous & No Ads ►

    That's quite a deal you have going on there. I wish I had of found you back in 2004 when I was a young kid on freewebspace. Any free hosting that includes cpanel with no ads is an A in my book. Good luck to you and your company.
  15. Yahpoolerz

    looking for $30 per 2 years shared cloud hosting

    WSWD is correct that unlimited is impossible. What I suggest is you go looking for a large amount instead of a host that says unmetered because you will find that the issue will arise when you are dealing with an unprofessional host. I recommend buyshared for ssd with tons of space and...
  16. Yahpoolerz

    cheap Hosting needed for a small site

    Take it from me, I'm only a customer that knows the ins and outs of what I personally need myself. HostPair is your best option out of the ones who have posted so far. They have incredible uptime. All plans come with cpanel, softaculous, all the features. They may offer you free SSL if you ask...
  17. Yahpoolerz

    100+ Gbps Anti-DDoS Shared Hosting starting at €2.99/mo (cPanel)

    Hello HostBrink, I am very interested in your shared protected plans. Your offers are very generous. I will be looking to buy a year of your top shared hosting plan and host several small websites on it. I've been a member here well over 10 years and was wondering if you could offer any coupon...
  18. Yahpoolerz

    Review of Host Pair. Great Host

    Sure, my website is www.thexboxcloud.com No problem, glad I could help. Wanted to update this thread. I am still hosting with them as we speak and things are still going great. Have experienced 100% uptime since I made this thread and am happy to say I am a host pair customer. I am just...
  19. Yahpoolerz

    xenForo it is!

    Interesting change Peo. Glad to see the site updated and taken care of. I have dealt with Xenforo many times in the past. At first I had thought it was an upgrade from vbulletin 4 > vbulletin 5 but then I was able to notice it was indeed Xenforo. Great work and I hope to see the site pick up...
  20. Yahpoolerz

    Host Pair (aka So Cheap Host) 1.5 year review

    Hey, I just wrote a review about them myself. They are very reliable and the uptime hasn't been 99.9% for me but an actual 100%. I've never received any downtime and I've been hosting with them over 5 months now. Not once has my site gone down. Support is fantastic. I second this review. Host...