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  1. stuffradio


    What is a Ben?
  2. stuffradio

    Your daily coffee intake!

    6 normal coffee cups. I drink juice sometimes, but I also drink lots of water in-between.
  3. stuffradio

    Sii---x Hundred!

    Sorry, I'll post again in a few years hopefully. haha :)
  4. stuffradio

    Sii---x Hundred!

    Sorry, I'll post again in a few years hopefully. haha :)
  5. stuffradio

    Sii---x Hundred!

    I'm over 7,000!
  6. stuffradio


    I've been a member since 2005. I'm 26.
  7. stuffradio

    Hello Everyone

    :welcome: to this web hosting forum!
  8. stuffradio

    What is Your Dream Country?

    New York isn't a country either (though some may argue with me there :) ). I haven't decided what country I want to visit first. I haven't been off of NA. I almost want to visit a bunch of places outside of BC in Canada first so I can see what it's like.
  9. stuffradio

    PHP script problem with index.php?page=invoice

    You could disable text fields, but your post is confusing. You need to post what you mean and/or show some code with what you're having problems with.
  10. stuffradio

    New to forum

    :welcome: to the forum!
  11. stuffradio

    Do u Like freewebspace ?

    That's to make sure you're not a bot, or you're not here to just make 1 post and spam.
  12. stuffradio

    iOS 7 thoughts?

    It's alright on my iPhone 4. It's sort of similar to my experience with iOS 4 on the iPhone 3G, but it's slightly better than that.
  13. stuffradio

    Do u Like freewebspace ?

    You must be here for status reasons also.
  14. stuffradio

    Company/Corporation of your dreams

    You could even put comics on the Apple store.
  15. stuffradio

    how do you pay for hosting services?

    Mostly fur skins and Vegetables.
  16. stuffradio


    Freelance anything is pretty hard.
  17. stuffradio

    Hello Everyone i'm Hyperbig guy

    Welcome hyperbig guy, don't get too hyper! :)
  18. stuffradio

    Hello i am here for learning great things

    I'll join the welcome parade and say hi!
  19. stuffradio

    Do u Like freewebspace ?

    No way. I just like to have an account here for status reasons! :)
  20. stuffradio

    JavaScript "Hello" randomizer

    I see a footer. Did you fix it? I'm getting this error in console: @font-face failed OpenType embedding permission check. Permission must be Installable.